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Re-engaging learners with an alternative route in English and maths  

As an educational charity, NCFE is always keen to support the key skills that can have a real impact in society and help every individual – no matter their background – to succeed. We’re therefore delighted to have teamed up with The Prince’s Trust for these redeveloped qualifications and have committed to reducing the financial burden on their delivery, whilst donating the full registration fee for these qualifications to charity.

Boosting learners’ confidence in English and maths can be a huge challenge, but it’s vital these skills are developed so that they can progress in their lives, education and work. 

Essential English and maths can help boost your learners’ achievement in these crucial areas. Our qualifications allow you to build a flexible learning programme that can be used as intervention, confidence-building or an alternative qualification based on the Functional Skills subject content, but without the final assessment. 

These qualifications are ideal for SEND, ESOL and disengaged learners who will benefit from content that’s both practical in nature and flexible – allowing them to complete a range of units to achieve their final certificate. We’ve produced high quality resources which will be available for free from October to support with delivery and learning.


  • Low level of administration
  • No external assessment
  • Built to support sequenced learning
  • Teaching and learning resources to support delivery
  • 100% of registration fee donated to The Prince’s Trust to support their literacy, language and numeracy programme.

We also recognise that these qualifications appeal to the type of learners who may need additional encouragement and engagement with English and maths. Certificates can be a great way of building learners’ confidence – which is why we won’t be charging you for receiving a printed partial certificate for completion of units in this qualification.

Why offer our Essential English and maths qualifications? 
  • Mapped to the Functional Skills subject content and wrapped around everyday life English and maths, they provide a relevant and realistic approach to the core skills needed in today’s society
  • With no final assessment, the exam anxiety that is often associated with these subjects is removed and allows learners to demonstrate their skills in a more natural way
  • They provide a route back into education for disengaged learners who may feel failed by mainstream education
  • With the upcoming free resources, you’ll have everything you need to deliver these qualifications to your learners in a way that supports vocational tutors
  • Every penny you spend on these qualifications will be donated to The Prince’s Trust charity and help young people find the tools and confidence to learn and progress into employment
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