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Teach, share, transform virtual meet ups 

Turning the tide on the UK’s low English, maths and digital skills

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Calling all teachers, tutors, talent coaches and delivery staff members...

Are you struggling to effectively deliver essential everyday skills in maths, English and digital?

Or maybe you want to share something that has worked within your own delivery to help others to succeed?

In line with our charitable purpose, we’re now facilitating termly virtual meet ups to support you with your delivery and allow you to share best practice from your own experience with English, maths and digital skills. We’d also welcome the sharing of any challenges that you’re facing, so that through working collaboratively. We can help you to find strategies to overcome these challenges. 

You do not have to be an NCFE customer to take advantage of these sessions – simply sign up and come along ready to share your experiences in teaching these essential skills. 

Together, we can transform the country’s core skills to thrive in today’s workforce.  

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