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Be part of a once in a lifetime revolution in education which will impact and improve your industry.  

We’re looking for expert contributors to raise the standards and expectations of skills education within our T Level qualifications.

In September 2020, UK Government introduced T Levels as a high-quality, work-focussed alternative to A Levels for young people once they’ve completed their GCSEs.

NCFE has already worked with IfATE to develop six T Level qualifications in sector areas including Education and Early Years, Digital, and Health and Science.

We're always looking to collaborate with subject specialists, sector experts and industry practitioners to support our qualification development.

Read below to find out where we’re looking for your help.

We’re looking for professionals in the below digital specialisms to advise on our T Levels.

Digital Business Support pathway

Data Technician specialist occupations:

  • Data technician
  • Data scientist
  • Data engineer
  • Data analys
  • Database engineer / technician
  • Data statistician.
Digital Support Services

Digital Infrastructure specialist occupations:

  • Infrastructure engineer 
  • Infrastructure architect 
  • Infrastructure manager 
  • Business analyst 
  • Infrastructure support specialist 
  • Systems engineer 
  • Infrastructure specialist 
  • Cyber security 
  • Network security. 

Support Technician specialist occupations: 

  • Support engineer 
  • Support officer 
  • Technical support 
  • Testing (software / hardware) 
  • Infrastructure engineer 
  • Solution architect.  

Network Cabling specialist occupations: 

  • Network installation engineer 
  • Network cabling engineer 
  • Data centre engineer / support 
  • IT cabling engineer 
  • Cabling technician 
  • Structured cabling 
  • Telecoms cabling 
  • Data installation 
  • Fibre engineer / installation. 

Cyber security specialist occupations: 

  • Cyber security engineer
  • Cyber security consultant
  • Cyber security analyst
  • Ethical hacker
  • Software security officer
  • Other relevant roles.

We’re looking for professionals in the below education and early years specialisms to advise on our T Levels.

  • Education: Assisting Teaching
  • Early Years: Early Years Educator.

Dental Nursing 

  • Dental Nurse 
  • Senior Dental Nurse 
  • Oral Health Educator 
  • Treatment Co-ordinator 
  • NVQ Assessor 
  • Practice Manager 
  • Specialist Dental Nurse (Orthodontics, sedation, implantology) 
  • Dental Hygienist 
  • Dental Therapist. 

Supporting healthcare

  • Healthcare support worker
  • Ambulance support worker
  • Senior healthcare support worker
  • Imaging support worker
  • Radiographer - MRI, CT, sonographer, mammographer, therapeutic radiographer
  • Healthcare assistant practitioner
  • Public health practitioner

Adult nursing

  • Adult nurse - hospital, community, primary care
  • Palliative care
  • Nursing associate
  • Health visitor
  • Health promotion specialist
  • Matron
  • Research nurse
  • Nursing lecturer
  • Occupational health specialist
  • Practice educator

Mental health

  • Mental health nurse
  • Nursing associate
  • Drug and rehabilitation worker


  • Midwife - hospital and community
  • Antenatal - neonatal screening Co-ordinator
  • Maternity support worker

Children and young people

  • Paediatric nurse
  • Safeguarding officer
  • Play worker
  • Child development officer
  • Integrated care worker - children
  • Health visitor
  • Health play specialist


  • Occupational therapist
  • Therapy assistant
  • SALT - Speech and Language Therapist
  • Rehabilitation therapist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Music therapist

Assisting healthcare science

  • Pathologist assistant
  • Laboratory assistant
  • Anatomical pathology technician
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Healthcare science associate
  • Healthcare science practitioner
  • Clinical coder
  • Optical assistant
  • Clinical analyst
  • Clinical pharmacology scientist
  • Clinical photographer
  • Health and care intelligence specialist.

Optical Care Service 

  • Optical assistant 
  • Screening assistant 
  • Contact lens assistant 
  • Optical technician 
  • Opthalmic nurse 
  • Dispensing optician 
  • Optometrist 
  • Opthalmologist 
  • Orthoptist 
  • Eye clinic liaison officer.

Science pathway

  • Lab science
  • Bio medical scientist
  • Laboratory technician
  • Microbiologist
  • Medical laboratory assistant
  • Laboratory analyst
  • Clinical research assistant
  • Sterile service technician
  • Laboratory scientist
  • Research scientist.

Food science

  • Dietician
  • Clinical dietician
  • Food inspector
  • Food safety co-ordinator
  • Quality assurance food processer
  • Food regulator compliance officer
  • Consumer scientist
  • Food technologist.


  • Metrology lab technician
  • Metrologist engineer
  • Dimensional metrologist
  • Critical care technologist
How can you help shape smarter learning

We need input from employers and experienced practitioners from across the sectors mentioned above, to review, comment on, validate, or help to write qualification and assessment materials.

Your support will be vital in ensuring that these technical qualifications reflect the needs of your sector in the future, nurturing and developing the next generation of talent and setting young people on a route to success. We’re looking for a fresh outlook to develop world-class content that will, in turn, develop world-class and industry-relevant skills.

Your input can be provided remotely and at whatever time of day, night, week or weekend suits you. 

Be part of a once in a lifetime revolution in education which will impact and improve your industry. Submit an expression of interest below to get involved.

  • Practitioners are individual experts in their field, who can provide insight and knowledge during the development phase of the qualification
  • Practitioners should have hands-on experience in the subject area
  • Practitioners are involved in writing, reviewing and scrutineering qualification and assessment materials as they are being developed
  • Find out more about the different practitioner roles.
  • In most instances, practitioners (or their employers if this work is carried out during regular working hours) can be remunerated for their time
Technical Education Advisory Board
  • Our Technical Education Advisory Board (TEAB) is a consultative forum for organisations who have a significant stake in the outcome of the qualification
  • TEAB members represent their organisation in providing feedback, guidance and insight on the industry and the delivery of qualifications
  • TEAB members, alongside their colleagues, provide scrutiny of the qualifications at key milestones, reviewing materials in a draft format and giving constructive feedback
  • For many employers, this is an excellent opportunity to gain an insight into a qualification that will affect their industry and their potential future employees
  • Due to the nature of this work, TEAB members support on a voluntary basis

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Thank you to all those who have contributed to the development of our T Levels so far!

Since T Levels were introduced in September 2020, Technical Education Advisory Board (TEAB) members and practitioners have been a vital part in their development. Their expertise has played a fundamental role in helping ensure the T Level technical qualifications equip specific sectors with the skilled workforce they need, through developing and nurturing future talent. 

Find out more about those who have contributed so far. 

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