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Education and childcare 16-19 study programme 


Our study programme in the education and childcare sector provides 16–19 learners with a structured and challenging learning experience to support their development and progression, whether that’s on to further study or their dream career.

Use this information to understand the elements that can be chosen to make up an education and childcare 16-19 study programme.

Our free Enhance resources help you develop a bespoke and high-quality employability, enrichment, and pastoral (EEP) programme that complements learning and boosts transferable skills. Each session is two PLH and 100 hours of content comes as standard with core qualifications and can be delivered in non-qualification hours.


Employability skills 

  • All about your UCAS application 
  • Analytical Skills  
  • Critical Thinking  
  • Dealing with Conflicts 
  • Building Professional Relationships  
  • Demonstrating Commercial Awareness  
  • Effective Use of Social Media  
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities  
  • How to Write a Covering Letter  
  • How to Write a CV  
  • Self-management 
  • Interview Techniques   
  • Managing Change  
  • Negotiating and Influencing   

Business skills 

  • Conducting Market Research  
  • Enterprise  
  • How to Write a Business Case  
  • Setting Up Your Own Website  
  • Types of Business  
  • Social Media for Business  

Study skills 

  • Exam Preparation and Revision  
  • Expert Learner  
  • Reflective Practice  
  • Working as a Group  
  • Communication Skills  
  • Conducting Research  
  • Plagiarism and Copyright  
  • Team Working  
  • Planning your Study 

Digital skills 

  • Creating a Presentation  
  • Creating and Editing Movies  
  • Creating and Editing Images  
  • Creating and Editing Podcasts  
  • Managing files and folders  
  • What is GDPR?  
  • What is Plagiarism?  
  • Creating a Professional Online Profile  

Social skills 

  • Anti-Bullying 
  • British values 
  • Dealing With Stress 
  • Equality 
  • Friendship and Families 
  • Gender and other forms of discrimination 
  • Making Healthy Choices 
  • Managing your money 
  • Mental Health Awareness 
  • Prevent 
  • Identity and Diversity
  • Critically evaluating media 
  • Understanding Sustainability and climate change

Short Level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications add extra value to the core of the study programme and can be cherry-picked depending on the needs of the learner. Our wraparound products cover a range of cross-curricular disciplines such as employability skills, digital skills, study skills and functional skills, to enrich the study experience for learners.  

Employability skills 
Business/Enterprise skills 
Study Skills 
Personal/Social skills 
Digital skills 
Sector tasters 
Functional Skills  

Our unique skills assessment and diagnostic tools provide leading e-Learning solutions for English and maths, employability and digital skills. The platform provides accurate visibility of learner’s progress and digitally captures evidence of their skills, knowledge and occupational competency to help set them up for success. 

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Study programme learner profiles 

Our learner profiles give helpful examples of how a 16-19 study programme could be timetabled using our core, Enhance and wraparound offering, including a breakdown of planned learning hours. 


Learner Madison

Navid’s caring nature has meant that he always wanted to work with young people.

He applied himself well in his GCSEs and obtained good results, including a level 2 qualification in childcare.

Unfortunately, he missed out on a grade 4 in maths.

Year 1


NCFE CACHE Technical Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education (Early Years Educator) (601/8437/1)

469 PLH 


Comprehensive suite of NCFE EEP resources including:

  • Working as a Group

  • Identity and Diversity

  • Dealing with Conflicts 

36 PLH 


NCFE Level 2 Functional Skills Qualification in Mathematics (603/5060/X) 

55 PLH 


Work Experience 

Qualification placement

350 PLH 

Total PLH: 910

Year 2


NCFE CACHE Technical Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education (Early Years Educator) (601/8437/1)  

469 PLH


Comprehensive suite of NCFE EEP resources including:

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Dealing with Stress

  • Building Professional Relationships

36 PLH




Work Experience 

Qualification placement

35 PLH

Total PLH: 905

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