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NCFE and WorldSkills UK Centre of Excellence  

The Centre of Excellence is an award-winning training programme for educators that is helping to advance the technical education sector and benefit learners.   

We partnered with WorldSkills UK in 2020 to create a programme which would equip leaders and teaching practitioners with the knowledge and skills to raise the quality and standards of technical and vocational learning within their colleges and training providers. WorldSkills UK uses its expertise on global advancements in skills, while NCFE uses its knowledge of technical education to help educators fulfil their potential and positively impact more learners.

The result is that educators who complete the development programme return to the classroom with a new sense of purpose, passion, and the skills to deliver transformative technical education qualifications. Our aim is to inspire more learners from all backgrounds to pursue technical and vocational education and to ensure that all individuals benefit from a world-class learning experience. 

To date, over 40,000 young people and 2,000 educators have benefited from the programme. 

The development of skills is a crucial aspect of enabling young people to reach their full potential. Central to great learning experiences are great educators, and for the UK to be competitive on a global scale, we know that we need more truly world-class educators in our technical education and skills system.

David Gallagher, Chief Executive at NCFE
A shared passion 

NCFE and WorldSkills UK share a passion for innovation and are both committed to helping to create a fairer and more inclusive society through the delivery of exceptional technical education, including meeting the needs of employers and the economic demands of key sectors across the UK.  

If we are to achieve this, we believe that our educators need greater access to world-class teacher training, interactive networks, and international insights. That’s how we can unlock their potential, so they are able to then deliver the highest quality education and training to our workforce of the future.  

Through the Centre of Excellence, we’re responding to specific industry demands and skills gaps by targeting key growth areas with the training, such as digital, net zero, engineering, and advanced manufacturing. It will also focus on boosting the standards of flagship qualifications within further education, including T Levels, Higher Technical Qualifications, and Apprenticeships.

By mainstreaming excellence into our teaching workforce, we hope to provide learners with increased confidence and career aspirations, as well as boosting social mobility and changing the lives of people from all backgrounds. In turn, this will provide employers with a more highly qualified young workforce that will increase business productivity.  

Looking ahead 

Although the initial three-year pilot has concluded, the next phase of the Centre of Excellence project has been announced. Over the next three years, more than 140,000 young people and nearly 5,000 educators will benefit from the programme which remains free for educational organisations to join.  

With 48 colleges and independent training providers already signed up, the next phase will build on the foundation of the existing Centre of Excellence members by deepening engagement within colleges, as well as broadening the scope to include more Institutes of Technology, Independent Training Providers, and Higher Educational Institutions.  

As an educational charity, it’s NCFE’s core purpose to promote and advance learning. It is our belief that the quality of teaching is the single most important aspect of the learning experience. Therefore, it’s crucial that we invest in the latent potential within our frontline workforce in education, to help our educators be the best they can be.   

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