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Augment London testimony 

Augment London develop innovative e-learning solutions for learners aged 13 – 18, to develop their intellectual inquiry and passion for discovery.

When it came to having their qualification formally accredited, NCFE was the perfect partner, according to Sanjana Seth, Managing Director at Augment London:

“A customised qualification through NCFE Accreditation Services was the perfect solution for our programme, enabling us to demonstrate its quality and rigour. We are now beginning to attract interest from education institutions as a result of NCFE’s certification of our qualification.

Our learners are acquiring the skills and qualities they need for future success and will graduate confident, convincing and ready to impress. They perform under the most challenging conditions, confident that they have learned the necessary skills and strategies to stand out especially with these three key skills: how to learn, how to think and how to persuade.”

Learners on Augment London’s e-learning programme developed skills to help them progress personally and professionally throughout life: 

“The Augment Learning Programme introduces them to new ideas, takes them out of their comfort zone and gives them the skills to communicate with confidence. Learners develop creative and critical thinking skills which will broaden their hungry minds and help them to think out of the box.

The learners enjoy the Learning, Thinking and Persuading modules. They engage well with the short video tutorials and enjoy the discussions on our forums. They’re beginning to recognise the importance of these skills and are starting to see how learning these skills will complement their school curriculum.” 

Sanjana was so pleased with NCFE’s support in delivering their e-learning solution, she would be quick to recommend us to other organisations looking to get their qualifications accredited:  

“We are so glad we chose NCFE. The support from the Accreditation team, our EQA and our Account Executive has been fantastic. Their guidance on how to meet the required standards for getting the accreditation has been second to none.

I would highly recommend NCFE, as an approval from them has given assurance to education institutions that the content of Augment London is of high standard and meets the rigorous requirements of a national awarding organisation.”

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