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Customised Qualification Writing Workshop

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If you’re new to writing your own qualifications, NCFE can help. Our Customised Qualification Writing Workshops provide expert guidance to centres looking to write and structure their own Customised Qualifications.

One of our qualified and experienced representatives will visit your centre and work with you to help create and structure your Customised Qualification to ensure it’s of the right standard and structure that NCFE requires. This will give you the tools and confidence to independently write your own Customised Qualifications in the future.

The workshop will help you with the following:

  • understand how to develop a Customised Qualification and what to consider when doing so
  • structure a unit in the correct format
  • understand and write learning outcomes and assessment criteria

Before the visit takes place our representative will contact you get a better understanding of your business and to discuss your requirements and expectations for the workshop.

The fees for this service are as follows:

  • £700 + travel expenses and accommodation for 1 Trainer

Please ensure that you complete the request in full to avoid any delay in arranging your training request.

Please note: this workshop is for Customised Qualifications owned and developed by you (the customer) through Accreditation & Employer Services. Any qualifications written as part of a workshop will not be a regulated NCFE qualification.