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Celebrating successful beginnings: Lexie’s T Level story so far

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27 July 2021

Lexie has always been interested in a career working with young children. When she first considered post-16 options, she decided to apply for a T Level instead of an A Level, as she was eager to gain practical hands-on work experience while studying.

Stretch and challenge 

Although only one year into her study, the T Level has already started to equip Lexie with the vital confidence and practical skills she needs for a successful career in education and childcare. Through the support of her tutors, Lexie has taken on challenges that she never thought she was capable of, stepping outside of her comfort zone and stretching her own boundaries.

She said: “Delivering presentations in class have been a big achievement for me as I feel they have enabled me to develop my public speaking and presentation skills, which will be helpful to me when going into the workplace.”

“I have also really enjoyed the more practical side of the course where we take part in creative activities that will widen our knowledge of children learning through play and what keeps them engaged and focused. In lessons I have also enjoyed learning about the different theorists and their theories surrounding the ways in which children learn. I look forward to being able to apply these child play activities and my knowledge of the different ways that people learn to placement.”

Setting students up for success 

Following the completion of the Education and Childcare T Level, Lexie intends to a study a degree in education at university, allowing her to receive a QTS (Qualified Teacher Status), to become a fully trained teacher.

Lexie said: “I have found the college environment to be very supportive, there is always someone around to help if needed, especially in the first few weeks when getting used to the new environment. In addition, having a tutor means you have someone to go to who will always be more than happy to help.”

“I would recommend studying a T Level to other young people - I have really enjoyed my first year! The teaching on my T Level course has been fantastic so far. My teachers are extremely knowledgeable and always happy to help with any questions I have.”

Revolutionising technical education 

T Levels are a high-quality, work-focussed alternative to A levels for young people once they’ve completed their GCSEs. These new two-year courses are designed with employers to intimately reflect the needs of the sectors and occupations they’re designed to serve.

T Levels will equip young people with the knowledge, skills and behaviours they need to progress into work or higher-level study.

To find out more about T Levels visit ncfe.org.uk/t-levels