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Message from Zac Aldridge – Director of Qualifications and Assessment


Zac Aldridge Director of Qualifications and Assessment

20 August 2021

As the end of the first year of T Level delivery has now closed, it’s time to take a breath and reflect on what has been a unique 12 months for our sector.  

It hardly needs stating that beginning to teach the first T Levels in this, of all years, posed challenges for providers. With national and regional lockdowns, setting closures, and a shift towards online delivery, the educational landscape evolved on a daily basis.  

It would be fair to say that the robustness, versatility, and rigour of T Levels has been tested against the most challenging of backdrops. However, despite the various hurdles, the commitment of T Level providers, students and employers has been unwavering. Their hard work and dedication have been fundamental to the success of T Levels this year. I want to take this opportunity to recognise and celebrate everything that they have achieved over the past 12 months.  

We have seen over 630 students embark on their T Level journey with NCFE. This number is set to rise significantly when the next cohort is enrolled this September. We’re delighted that the trajectory of T Levels looks set to rise in line with appetite from providers and students. 

However, we are still in the early implementation phase and there are undoubtedly many challenges ahead. Recent figures suggest that, despite the recent national press pieces, only 12% of employers are aware of T Levels. While this statistic is not surprising given the nature of the phased introduction of T Levels, it does offer an indication of the work still to be done in raising awareness. It also highlights the important role that each of us must play in championing T Levels within our own sectors to highlight the fantastic opportunities that they offer to young people.  

So please join us in celebrating successful beginnings.  

Kind regards  

Zac Aldridge – Director of Qualifications and Assessment