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Learning at Inspire: Providing pathways for personal and professional growth

In the heart of Nottinghamshire, Inspire – a charitable society owned by its community members – is transforming lives through learning.

With a dedicated team of twelve directors committed to serving their community, Inspire collaborates with various organisations including colleges, rehabilitation centres, and mental health services to provide learning opportunities. At the core of their mission lies the integration of NCFE qualifications, enabling learners to pursue their aspirations and unlock their full potential.

Inspire's learner base encompasses individuals from diverse backgrounds and needs, ranging from adults seeking career transitions to those simply eager to expand their skills. Through virtual platforms, Libraries and community centres, Inspire extends its support to adult learners with additional needs, offering a pathway to personal and professional growth.

Qualifications to empower learners

Inspire’s ethos of inclusivity and personalised learning is complemented by the versatility of NCFE’s qualifications, including the variety of subjects and flexible assessment methods. Consequently, learners are empowered to tailor their educational journey according to their unique interests and requirements, enhancing the learning experience and ensuring inclusivity along the way.

The organisation also believes that the support provided by NCFE is key to their delivery and achieving their aim to empower all learners. Pippa Guthrie, Area Co-ordinator for Access to HE, Apprenticeships & AEB, said: “The support and guidance we have received through EQA visits is fantastic – all of the EQAs we work with from NCFE are very friendly and supportive, helping us to enhance our practice and also highlight the positive work we do, which is filtered down to the teams.

“I can also say that NCFE’s Customer Service team is very helpful with any queries we may have about registrations, claims, certifications, etc. I also receive updates regularly from NCFE, which is very helpful in keeping up to date with any changes.”

Changing livelihoods for learners

The impact of NCFE qualifications extends beyond the classroom and into livelihoods, paving the way for diverse progression routes for learners.

From securing job roles to embarking on volunteering opportunities, learners have embraced a myriad of pathways, including learning support assistants, hospitality roles, and higher-level qualifications. These progression routes signify individual growth and contribute to the community's socio-economic development.

The transformative power of these qualifications is evident when speaking to Inspire's learners. By expanding their knowledge and honing their skills, learners have experienced a profound increase in confidence and self-assurance. Equipped with newfound skills and competencies, learners are empowered to pursue their aspirations with vigor, bridging the gap between education and employment.

Reflecting on their journey and the autonomy that studying has brought them, one learner explained: "The course helped me to grow, to learn about every single aspect of what I could gain from work in particular – I even gained confidence to get my own job."

As Inspire continues to champion the cause of lifelong learning, the offering of NCFE qualifications remains instrumental in shaping a brighter future for learners and communities alike.

To learn more about NCFE courses available for your adult learners, visit our Learning for Work homepage.

Provider profile

Name: Inspire

Location: Nottingham

Qualifications: A range of Level 1 and 2 AEB-funded qualifications

Pippa Guthrie headshot

Pictured: Pippa Guthrie, Area Co-ordinator for Access to HE, Apprenticeships & AEB, Inspire

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