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EPA re-sit, re-take and cancellation re-booking request

If an apprentice has not attended or failed an assessment component, please complete the below form providing all required information relating to the assessment component the request is for. If an apprentice requires a re-sit/re-take for multiple assessment components, please complete the form separately for each individual assessment component.

You can find further information in our EPA cancellation, re-sit and re-take policy that can be found with all mandatory policies.

Before submitting this form, you must consider the timescales for completing a re-sit/re-take, and any requirements for further learning. This information can be found on the EPA cancellation, re-sit and re-take policy appendix A document. If this information is not specified on appendix A, the generic requirements of section 2.3 and 3.2 of the policy apply.

In order for the request for re-sit/re-take to be considered, this form must be:

  • Fully and accurately completed
  • Submitted with reasonable notice that the re-sit/re-take can be completed within specified timescales
  • If required, supported by evidence of further learning, saved in the apprentice’s SEPA documents, using the naming convention ‘Further learning’. This evidence can be in the form of a learning log or coursework, but must be appropriately authenticated as further learning.

Any incomplete or inaccurate EPA re-sit/re-take request forms will be rejected, which may cause the request for re-sit/re-take to be delayed or denied.

Can be found on the apprentice's profile on SEPA

Is the request for re-sit/re-take being made within specified timescales?

Is the entire EPA still within specified timescales?

If you have any questions relating to the agreement or process, please contact the EPA Relationship Team on: