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Level 3     £8,000      18 months

1. What the role entails

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with a range of internal teams such as marketing, media, finance, service delivery, volunteering, advocacy, I.T and procurement. Externally, a Fundraiser would interact, either autonomously or as part of a team, with clients, donors, supporters and prospective supporters of their charitable cause as well as other stakeholders including suppliers, other charities, the media and professional bodies. An employee in this occupation will be responsible for reporting to a Fundraising Manager and will undertake the required tasks for the Fundraiser.

2. On-programme assessment

Apprentices must spend a minimum of 12 months on-programme and undertake the minimum required off-the-job training as per the ESFA funding rules. Before entering Gateway, the apprentice must complete the following on-programme assessment requirements:

  • Level 2 Functional Skills English and maths or equivalent qualifications
  • a completed Portfolio of Evidence to underpin the Professional Discussion.

3. Gateway requirements

The end-point assessment (EPA) period should only start once the employer is satisfied that the apprentice is consistently working at or above the level set out in the occupational standard and they are deemed to have achieved occupational competence. In making this decision, the employer may take advice from the apprentice’s Independent Training Provider (ITP), but the decision must ultimately be made solely by the employer.

The subject, title and scope of the apprentice’s Case for Support Pitch must be agreed between the employer and NCFE at Gateway.

4. End-point assessment

The EPA for Fundraiser contains two methods of assessment:

Case for Support Pitch, Presentation with Questions and Answers (Q&As)

This assessment method consists of a 3000 word Support Pitch and a 15 minute Presentation followed by a 30 minute Q&A session. It has two components and apprentices will need to prepare and deliver effectively, ensuring they appropriately cover the assigned knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs).

Component 1: apprentices will prepare and develop a Case for Support Pitch that will be based on a standalone topic and will cover a compelling and demonstrable case asking the audience to support the cause of the organisation.

Component 2: apprentices will prepare and deliver a Case for Support Presentation; the Presentation will be based on the Case for Support Pitch developed by the apprentice.

Grading: the Case for Support Pitch, Presentation with Q&As will be graded as Fail, Pass or Distinction by the Independent End-Point assessor (IEPA).

Professional Discussion underpinned by a Portfolio of Evidence

The Professional Discussion should assess the KSBs assigned to this assessment method and the apprentice may use their Portfolio of Evidence to support their responses. It allows the apprentice to be assessed against KSBs that may not occur naturally on a daily basis. This assessment method will last 75 minutes (+10% at the discretion of the IEPA to allow apprentice to complete last point).

Grading: the Professional Discussion will be graded as Fail, Pass or Distinction by the IEPA.

5. Grade aggregation table

Case for Support Pitch and Presentation with Q&As Professional Discussion underpinned by a Portfolio of Evidence Overall Grade
Pass Pass Pass
Distinction Pass Pass
Pass Distinction Pass
Distinction Distinction Distinction

If any assessment method is failed, the overall grade will be deemed a Fail.

6. Completion and certification

We’ll activate certification once the apprentice has successfully completed all EPAs, and the IEPA has verified this. Working with the apprenticeship certificate issuing authority, we’ll ensure the apprentice receives their certificate.

7. What next?

The role is a common entry point for many looking for a career within Fundraising and, potential progression into more senior fundraising roles. Other apprenticeships that may provide suitable routes for further education and training at a higher level include:

  • Level 4 Public Relations and Communication Assistant
  • Level 4 Market Research Executive
  • Level 4 Public Relations and Communications Assistant
  • Level 6 Digital Marketer
  • Level 6 Marketing Manager.


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