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Switch to us and we'll absorb your registration fee

As an educational charity, we’re committed to supporting apprentices to achieve the best possible outcome of their apprenticeship within their planned timescales.

We aim to support all centres, colleges, and training providers to ensure that Gateway and end-point assessment (EPA) are not a barrier to maximising timely apprenticeship achievement, given the challenges that apprentices, employers and providers have faced during the pandemic.

That’s why, in line with our charitable purpose, we’ll absorb up to 25% of the EPA cost you’ve already paid to register apprentices with another EPAO, when you switch to us before 31 July 2022.

Subject to the terms and conditions.

Looking for an EPAO that delivers on service?

Our EPA service

When you switch to NCFE for end-point assessment (EPA) you’ll experience market-leading benefits, service that’s second-to-none, and proactive support to guide you through a seamless EPA journey. 

We have best-in-class service-level agreements for every stage of the journey, giving you trust, transparency and confidence in the EPA process.

We think our service can't be beaten. Here's why:

A holistic support package from start to finish

From the point you decide to work with us, right through to the end of the EPA journey, you’ll have the support of an expert Relationship Manager. This dedicated contact will be there every step of the way to provide proactive support and guidance, no matter what stage you’re at. Our goal is to help you support your apprentices to complete more quickly and achieve their EPA.

Complete EPAs within 8 weeks of your Gateway acceptance date**

We offer efficiencies you won’t find elsewhere. We move from the review stage straight to booking, to ensure you and your apprentices progress through the Gateway process as smoothly as possible.

Feedback and results on each assessment component within 5 working days

We’re proud to be the only EPAO that provides this after each assessment.

No upfront fees until apprentices reach Gateway

**Where you give 8 weeks’ notice, with some exceptions where EPA plans outline specific timelines.


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Why choose us for apprenticeships
  • Our pre-programme support and robust skills assessment tools set apprentices up for success by accurately reviewing their starting points – including our innovative One Assessment tool, which enables apprentices to complete both English and maths initial assessment in 30 minutes
  • We offer a range of qualifications for a number of apprenticeship standards, from mandatory to those that are advisory and complement the delivery of particular apprenticeships 
  • Our Functional Skills qualifications have a market-leading 6-day results turnaround to maximise learner engagement, and offer on-demand and remotely invigilated assessment  
  • As one of the largest and most well-established EPAOs in the UK, we put provider and apprentice success at the heart of what we do to ensure the best possible outcomes and impact
  • Our specialist team provides exceptional service to support you throughout the apprenticeship journey.