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Music Technology Content Area 3 Resource Pack



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We have developed a suite of resource packs to complement the teaching delivery of our V Certs qualifications. This resource pack contains:

  • Scheme of Work – A detailed scheme of work outlining lesson delivery, inclusive of learning outcomes, learning activities, purposeful feedback, and links to additional resources (where appropriate).
  • Learner Workbook – A comprehensive workbook that provides learners with a range of activities, so they can demonstrate and embed their understanding. Inclusive of a short formative assessment to conclude each workbook so learners can assess their knowledge and practice responding to specific question types.
  • PowerPoint presentations – Engaging presentations to support delivery of each lesson outlined in the Scheme of Work.

The resource packs are available in a digital format and are fully editable so you can adapt them to suit your individual learner needs.


Note: Our teaching materials go through rigorous quality assurance by subject matter experts to ensure they are accurate, fit for purpose and in alignment with the Qualification Specification. However, there may be some instances where information has been included or omitted. Centres must refer to Section 2 of the Qualification Specification which provides exact details of the content of this qualification. Information in the teaching content section must be covered by the teacher during the delivery of the content areas and should be considered as mandatory teaching content.