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In addition to the resources we are making available free to providers, we have developed a further 126 session packs and 19 study sessions directly aligned to the requirements of the technical qualification.  

To support providers, we are offering: all of the session packs and e-learning resources for the five themes linked to the core qualification for a heavily discounted fee of £995 excluding VAT. 

Our resources are developed to be accessible for all learners, and come with a range of customisable features, so you can tailor the package to suit your individual learner needs. The session packs contain:

  • a detailed session plan
  • an e-learning module
  • associated student activity sheets
  • homework activities

If you would like to find out more about these resources get in touch with your T Level account executive, or email us [email protected].

Please note: The Additional Core resources have been updated to align with V3.0 of the qualification specification (first teaching from September 2022). If you require a copy of the previous versions of the Additional resources (2021), please contact [email protected]