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Your most common queries of the week with quick answers Where can I access NCFE’s approach to awarding for 2020-21 and which qualifications can be awarded through Teacher Assessed Grades? Our approach to awarding for 2020-21 document, covering info…


Childminding in Wales

Childminding in Wales Social Care Wales and Qualification Wales has informed us of an important change to the CYPOP5 unit (Understand how to set up a homebased childcare service). This will no longer qualify learners to practise as a childminder in …


New Functional Skills mathematics resources released

New Functional Skills mathematics resources released Resources are now available to download for the new Functional Skills Mathematics qualifications. These can be accessed through the qualification pages on QualHub.   Qualification number: 603/…


8 Things To Stop Saying To Developers

We sat down with our devs and testers at NCFE to ask them about the worst things they’re frequently asked when people find out what their job is.


Using SMART curriculum planning to help with learner success

Following nested suite programmes, like those from NCFE, can help with success, retention and achievement data by supporting learners at risk with appropriate drop off points in the year, and providing progression options for those who are excelling.


The skills needed from a post COVID-19 workforce

The skills needed from a post COVID-19 workforce We take a look at the vital skills that business and education providers should be ensuring that they make a priority as our economy begins to recover from the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown. While…


16 to 19 tuition fund - Go the Distance | NCFE

16 to 19 tuition fund The Government have made £96m available for the 2020-21 academic year for schools, colleges and other 16 to 19 providers to mitigate the disruption to learning arising from coronavirus (COVID-19). The funding is being provided …


Need for a rethink on vocational FE

NCFE recently teamed up with Campaign for Learning to launch a new policy paper titled: ‘No 16-18 year old left behind’. FE Policy Analyst, Mick Fletcher, shares his highlights of the paper.


Endorsement services

Your materials, our 170 years of experience. Give your learning resources and materials the recognition they deserve with NCFE endorsement services. Our endorsement of your materials signifies that they have been produced to the highest of standards…


Sexual Health Education: why inclusivity is key

Sexual Health Education: why inclusivity is key Lucy Emmerson, Director, Sex Education Forum With new government guidance on Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) rubber-stamped by parliament, schools have 12 months until they must follow t…


Go the distance enquiry form

Almost there.. Thanks for requesting a copy of our [go the distance brochure/bidding toolkit]. Please leave your details and you’ll get instant access to it. If you need any more information get in touch with the team – [email protected]


Finalists in the FAB Awards 2019 – learner of the year, qualification of the year and innovation of the year

Finalists in the FAB Awards 2019 – learner of the year, qualification of the year and innovation of the year As the awarding and assessment industry prepares to celebrate success at the FAB 2019 Awards, we’re excited to announce that we’re shortlist…


Digital and Media Skills - Adult Learning | NCFE

Addressing the digital skills gap Each year, digital skills become an increasingly essential requirement for those looking to enter or progress within the labour market. In fact, employers state that one-third of all vacancies they find difficult to…


Life as an apprentice

William Gammack, Apprentice PA at NCFE, shares his outlook on life as an apprentice, including why he chose to take an apprenticeship and his experience so far at NCFE with the support of leading training provider, Learning Curve Group.


Short changed as the seasons change

We’re at the beginning of an interesting year. Ahead of the budget in autumn that will set out the government’s spending profile, we already have sight of the challenges we face in the forthcoming session.


The charities working hard to make education equal for all

This pride season, we wanted to highlight the work of fellow charities who are doing amazing things in the sector to make education inclusive for students, teachers, tutors, parents and carers. We believe that education is for everyone and the more d…


Case Study: Arsenal Football Club

Arsenal Football Club has selected national awarding organisation, NCFE, to provide qualifications that will upskill its stewarding staff to a high standard.


Not just for junior staff or manual workers – build a pipeline of talent across the business

Not just for junior staff or manual workers – build a pipeline of talent across the business Apprenticeships are the perfect way for businesses to access new talent. However, Apprenticeships are not only for entry level positions, and can also furth…


Technical Diploma in Childcare and Education - update to qualification specification

Technical Diploma in Childcare and Education - update to qualification specification We have updated the qualification specification for NCFE CACHE Technical Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education (Early Years Educator) 601/8437/1. The wording …


1. Insights into the world of End-Point Assessment

1. Insights into the world of End-Point Assessment It’s nearly a year now since we undertook our first eagerly awaited End-Point Assessment (EPA) at NCFE Apprenticeship Services. Since then, we’ve developed some fantastic insight into what it takes …


Business, Administration & Management

Business, Administration & Management There are over 5 million businesses in the UK and, according to the latest 21st Century Leaders report by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the UK economy needs 1.9 million new managers.  As such, busine…


Availability of qualifications in Wales

Availability of qualifications in Wales The below qualifications will no longer be regulated in Wales from 31 August 2020 and therefore registrations can no longer be accepted. This does not affect centres in England. 603/2987/7 NCFE CACHE Lev…


V Cert Aspiration Awards – Pupil of the Year announced

2018 marked our first V Cert Aspiration Awards, recognising achievements by pupils with big aspirations. The scheme was launched to recognise learners who are using V Certs to help them reach their goals and make positive improvements to their life.


Wellness with NCFE health and fitness qualifications

Amy achieved her dream of becoming a PT by studying NCFE qualifications in health and fitness. Amy now helps women achieve their own individual fitness goals through one to one training sessions at her North East home.


A day in the life of Stephen Agnew our Senior Software Developer

A day in the life of Stephen Agnew our Senior Software Developer Involved in all parts of the business, the IT team is vital to the running of NCFE. They support colleagues and customers by being directly involved in the design and implementation of…


The rise and rise of the North East tech scene

The rise and rise of the North East tech scene The North East is arguably one of the most exciting places in the UK to be involved in the tech industry. A bold statement, but one that can be backed up by the sheer volume of interesting and innovativ…


ICT for Users - COVID-19 Resources and Support | NCFE

ICT for Users Hopefully you have already started on a learning plan and are aware of the areas you need to build your knowledge in. The resources below should help you with your learning, and can be used alongside other resources you are given acces…


SEND pupils losing out on school places

Recent press attention surrounding the lack of appropriate provision in schools for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) pupils has highlighted a complex issue which seems to lack a solution for inclusivity for many children.


Spotlight on IT: Srikanth Kataram

Spotlight on IT: Srikanth Kataram We caught up with NCFE Software Delivery Coach, Srikanth Kataram, about his role and life in the IT team at NCFE. Tell us about yourself. 13 years ago I came to the UK from India for my Masters in Computing) at T…


Engaging technical learners can break the exclusion-prison cycle

Engaging technical learners can break the exclusion-prison cycle During this years’ GCSE results day, a piece of guerrilla marketing in London brought the exclusion-prison cycle into sharp focus. An unnamed group of students replaced tube maps on th…


End-Point Assessment – A New Vantage Point

EPA has become the day to day ‘acid test’ of whether the teaching, learning and development of an apprentice undertaking an Apprenticeship has met the expected standard.


NCFE and NHS Foundation Trust Case Study - Employers | NCFE

NCFE and NHS Foundation Trust work together to develop new health and social care qualifications Case Study Tuesday 20 December 2016 National awarding organisation NCFE has recently collaborated with Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trus…


Training Providers - End-point assessment | NCFE

The Role of the Training Provider The core role of the training provider is to take on the responsibility for ensuring that the apprentice receives all of the training required to achieve a successful apprenticeship and complete the end-point asse…


A day in the life of Kate McKay our Service Desk Technician

A day in the life of Kate McKay our Service Desk Technician The IT team at NCFE provides essential IT services to all areas of the business, both external and internal. To support all of our colleagues both at head office and remotely, the Group IT …


Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 – George’s story

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 – George’s story In the lead up to Mental Health Awareness Week which started on Monday 18th May we spoke to George, a Samaritans listening volunteer, who wanted to share his story and advice. Having suffered depres…


New Core Maths qualification

New Core Maths qualification NCFE is proud to announce the new Level 3 Certificate in Mathematics for Everyday Life. We’ve worked with Professor David Burghes and his colleagues from the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (CIMT) to develo…


Performance Tables News - Key Stage 4 | NCFE

Performance Tables News 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 Performance Tables Our summary guide is a downloadable resource so you can check the list of approved NCFE and CACHE qualifications. Find out more Moratorium The Department for Education has confirm…


RSHE: What is the priority?

RSHE: What is the priority? The summer term has traditionally been a busy season for Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) lessons. This can be explained by a tendency to save RSE until after exams, when there is less pressure. It also reflects the …


Customer Form - COVID-19 Response | NCFE

Please fill out the form below to receive our service email communications, including covid communications.


Digital Skills Gap - Digital Solutions - Funding | NCFE

Addressing the digital skills gap A spotlight on digital skills The impact of the Covid19 pandemic has resulted in significant adaptions to the way we live and work. With remote working becoming part of the ‘new normal’, our reliance on digital skil…


Provisional external assessment timetable 2021-22

Provisional external assessment timetable 2021-22 We’ve published a provisional external assessment timetable for 2021-22 and we are inviting customers to feedback on our proposed schedule. Please review the timetable and let us know if any assessme…


Case Study: “I’ve never had training like I’ve had so far in my apprenticeship”

Case Study: “I’ve never had training like I’ve had so far in my apprenticeship” Virgin Trains has embraced the new apprenticeship standards, and by working in partnership with end-point assessment organisation NCFE, is achieving success with their …


Education, Training and Assessment

Education, Training and Assessment The education and training sector ultimately helps people learn, whether that’s directly by teaching, or in other supporting roles such as assessment or safeguarding. This involves interacting with learners of all …


Unregulated Qualifications - Customised or Accredited | NCFE

Unregulated Qualifications Although NCFE offers a range of qualifications, it’s really easy to identify if your programme is regulated provision or is NCFE unregulated provision. Unregulated Qualifications - Accreditation & Employer Services As we…


History of NCFE - 150 Years of Vocational Awarding | NCFE

History of NCFE More than 170 years of Vocational Awarding! NCFE can trace our record of working with colleges and other training providers back to our founding organisation, the Northern Union of Mechanics’ Institutes (NUMI), established in 1848.…


V Certs & Schools - COVID-19 Response | NCFE

V Certs and schools On this page you will find information relating specifically to alternative arrangements for the awarding of V Cert qualifications in 2020-21. With that in mind, this web page sets out our latest advice on: NCFE’s approach to aw…


The end is near

The end is near The end of the summer term is near and so too, we’ve been advised, is the wait for the published list of approved qualifications from the Department for Education (DfE), which we are told is expected at the end of July. Better late t…


2021 Performance Tables (and beyond)

2021 Performance Tables (and beyond) We’re now able to give you an update on our approved qualifications beyond 2020. This update relates to all Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 qualifications.  We’re delighted to let you know that the Department for Edu…


Ormiston Rivers Academy succeeds with NCFE Technical Awards

Ormiston Rivers Academy, a secondary school deep in the Essex countryside, is continuing to expand its curriculum with technical qualifications from NCFE.


NCFE Learning Resources Coming Soon

NCFE Learning Resources Coming Soon NCFE is excited to announce that we’ll be releasing the following resource in October for our newly launched ‘Core maths’ qualification.                  New learning resource available: Qualification number: 60…


Uniformed Services Qualifications - Key Stage 4 | NCFE

  We now offer a Level 1/2 Technical Award in Uniformed Protective Services. Learners who wish to find out more about a career in the uniformed services can do so with NCFE from the age of 14. This qualification has been aligned to the various …


Fitness Qualification Case Study - Employers | NCFE

NCFE fitness qualifications developed in collaboration with fitness professionals NCFE has developed Level 2 Awards in Instructing Circuit Training, Group Cycling, Kettlebell Training and Suspension Training to help learners develop the skills and k…


International Women’s Day 2018

International Women’s Day, 2018. The year of #Vote100. Today has a lot of resonance.


Supporting learners through COVID-19 with Learning Curve Group

Supporting learners through COVID-19 with Learning Curve Group While there is a huge amount of uncertainty in the world surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, one thing is clear - there is still a huge appetite for learning. As face to face learning is …


Aspiration Awards - Learner Success | NCFE

Behind every success, there is aspiration. Our Aspiration Awards are about honouring the success of learners, educators and educational organisations across the UK. We believe that there is more than one definition of success which goes beyond grade…


Essential Digital Skills - Skills Forward | NCFE

Our Essential Digital Skills initial assessment from Skills Forward and qualifications from NCFE will address the digital skills needed in today’s world. We’re delighted to announce that we’ve successfully completed Ofqual’s Technical Evaluation and…


Training providers

Experience, expertise and connections – with NCFE, your goals are our goals. We can be an extension of your business, helping your training organisation to remain competitive whilst also supporting your learners to success. We will keep you up to da…


Qualification update - 603/3292/X

Qualification update - 603/3292/X We’ve had an update regarding the NCFE CACHE Technical Certificate in Working with Children in Early Years and Primary Settings (603/3292/X). We recently informed you that this qualification doesn’t meet the new DfE…


Case Studies - CPD Qualifications | NCFE

Case studies Our case studies demonstrate how NCFE works with employers to design fit-for-purpose qualifications that meet workforce skills needs. If you’re interested in working with us to develop qualifications in your sector, please contact Vicky…


5 tips for tackling behaviour that challenges

5 tips for tackling behaviour that challenges Keeping your cool is often easier said than done but arming yourself with knowledge and tactics to help you manage challenging behaviour is essential. We’ve compiled a set of tips to call upon, should yo…


Top 10 reasons to switch to e-books

While for some people, nothing will ever be able to replace the joy of curling up with a good book, it’s undeniable that there are some great benefits to e-books.


The Police Force: a Career Choice for Young People

The Police Force: a Career Choice for Young People In July 2019, before he became Prime Minister, Boris Johnson vowed to reverse police cuts that have plagued Britain over recent years. And since becoming Prime Minister, it seems he’s true to his wo…


Qualifications and Teacher Assessed Grades | NCFE

Ofqual’s advice is that a Teacher Assessed Grade can be used to award qualifications that are primarily taught alongside or instead of GCSEs, AS and A Levels – including vocational qualifications which are important for progression to further study…


Addressing skills gaps with NCFE

At NCFE, we understand that every learner is different and that it’s important to develop a diverse and engaging offer that helps every learner achieve their full potential.


Spotlight on External Quality Assurance: Jayne Foster

We caught up with CACHE Lead External Quality Assurer (EQA), Jayne Foster, about her role and life at NCFE.


Recent history should be a warning against changing the apprenticeship levy

The ongoing slump in apprenticeship starts since the apprenticeship levy was introduced has emboldened the lobbyists, and those with vested interests.


What the new inspection framework means for you

Ruth McGuire has worked as an education inspector and training/education consultant for nearly 20 years and has lent her expertise to NCFE to describe what the new Education Inspection Framework could mean for your school.


Keeping motivated during lockdown

Research from The Health Foundation in December 2020, showed that the most common issues affecting wellbeing during the pandemic were worry about the future (63%), feeling stressed or anxious (56%) and feeling bored (49%).


Making the most of personal finances.

Making the most of personal finances. According to research reported recently on fenews.co.uk, ‘98% of employers believe that their employees’ financial wellness has a direct impact on their business performance – especially concerning employee prod…


Employability qualifications - Training Providers | NCFE

The pace of innovation and growing competition for jobs within the difficult labour market means employers are setting an increasingly higher bar when it comes to recruiting. As a result, it’s more important than ever that you can equip individuals …


A new team for Education – will it make a difference?

As the final piece of the Department for Education (DfE) ministerial team drops into place let’s take a look at the shape of the new team and where it might lead us.


Preparation for life and work

Preparation for Life & Work There are fundamental skills that everyone needs to be able to get on in life. Skills such as effective thinking, resilience and personal and social development ensure that individuals succeed in both their personal and p…


NCFE joins the Joint Council for Qualifications

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve joined the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ), a membership body which comprises the eight, now nine, largest providers of qualifications in the UK.


English and Maths - Functional Skills | NCFE

Solutions to equip your learners with the vital literacy and numeracy skills they need. Engaging students who need to complete English and maths qualifications as part of their vocational study can be a challenge. You need to ensure qualifications a…


A day in the life of Tiffany Sjothun our Scrum Master

A day in the life of Tiffany Sjothun our Scrum Master An enthusiastic and dynamic group, the IT team at NCFE are experts in development that makes a difference. They are involved in all parts of the business and have lots of exciting projects on the…


NCFE qualification supports learner to gain apprenticeship at Manchester’s luxury Midland Hotel

NCFE qualification supports learner to gain apprenticeship at Manchester’s luxury Midland Hotel Luke Bennett, a learner at Newall Green High School, has secured an apprenticeship at the luxury Midland Hotel in Manchester after completing a technical…


NCFE and Tyneside Mind Case Study - Employers | NCFE

NCFE and Tyneside Mind work together to develop new mental health qualification Case Study Wednesday 14 December 2016 National awarding organisation NCFE and mental health charity Tyneside Mind have worked collaboratively to develop the Level 3 Cert…


Key messages from the AAC

Key messages from the AAC Guest blog by Dr Gareth Thomas, Skills and Employment Support Limited I’ve been working alongside NCFE for several months now, and it’s great to see the business getting even more involved in shaping the apprenticeships and…


Tips for teachers managing your own mental health: nutrition

When talking about nutrition I am not necessarily talking about weight loss. Instead, I am talking about the increasing evidence that good nutrition improves mood and mental well-being.


Discount available on resources on Amazon

Discount available on resources on Amazon We’re offering a discount on our learner workbooks for units 1-10 of the NCFE Level 2 Diploma in Skills for Business qualification (601/2624/3). The discount on these workbooks is only available for a limite…


Qualification Endorsed by Leading Insurance Company | NCFE

NCFE customer service qualification endorsed by leading insurance company The European arm of one of the world’s largest insurers, Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance, has endorsed NCFE’s new customer service qualification. Credible recognition Aioi Nissay …


Updated Regulations for the Conduct of External Assessment and Qualification Specific Instructions for Delivery for 2019-20

Updated Regulations for the Conduct of External Assessment and Qualification Specific Instructions for Delivery for 2019-20 Updated Regulations for the Conduct of External Assessment and Qualification Specific Instructions for Delivery (QSID) for th…



Providing a ladder of success for those who care and educate, our gold standard qualifications are written by the sector, for the sector. Developed by experts, CACHE qualifications support progression in the following subjects: Early years educatio…


MAC committee warn of social care staffing crisis

MAC committee warn of social care staffing crisis The Migration Advisory Committee have today warned that the social care sector faces “stark consequences” when freedom of movement ends in the midst of the COIVD-19 pandemic. Many frontline roles are…


What does the new Budget mean for the future of Technical Education?

What does the new Budget mean for the future of Technical Education? Last month we put together our Budget wish list for technical education. Following this week’s Budget announcements, we’ve rounded up the key points for different parts of the sect…


Who we work with

We work alongside many organisations within the sector, including training providers, schools and sixth forms, employers and colleges. Last year alone, we worked with over 3000 organisations, supporting them to achieve their goals in helping learner…


Taking learners places - NCFE Travel and Tourism qualifications

Taking learners places - NCFE Travel and Tourism qualifications To ensure our qualifications offer learners varied progression routes following their completion, we engage the expertise of professionals working in the industry so that their content …


Count on us - Switch to NCFE | NCFE

We understand that you and your organisation will be planning for the year ahead and that this is particularly challenging with so much uncertainty ahead. With that in mind, here’s why you can count on us this year to help you develop a curriculum t…


Key Stage 5

Vocational qualifications that help 16-19 year old learners succeed  High-quality qualifications supported by resources and bespoke services will enable you to build confident individuals who are ready to progress to higher education or employment.…


My apprenticeship journey – celebrating #NAW2020 with YourCode Group

All this week (3-7 February), NCFE is celebrating National Apprenticeship Week. To mark the occasion, we reached out to some of our friends in the business community to find out about their own apprenticeship experiences.


4. Breakfast of champions

All week I’ve be sharing key insights from my experience of leading EPA at NCFE. Through sharing these insights with our current and future customers, we hope to play our role in enhancing of the value and integrity of Apprenticeships - something th…


Campaign for Learning - Family Learning Festival | NCFE

We are delighted to be investing in the future of independent learning charity, Campaign for Learning.   Campaign for Learning has been delivering highly impactful campaigns, training programmes, research and delivery projects and policy work to the…


PSHE and RSE - Health Education - Key Stage 4 | NCFE

Good PSHE education supports great personal development. Quality PSHE is important for young people as it supports their personal development and mental wellbeing, as well as raising awareness of key issues in society. However, with no set curriculu…


WorldSkills UK Centre of Excellence Skills Coaches | NCFE

Introducing the WorldSkills UK Centre of Excellence High-Performance Skills Coaches! Responsible for leading the work of the WorldSkills UK Centre of Excellence, Frazer Minskip, Jenna Wrathall Bailey MBE, Laura Leong and Pete Walters MBE have all be…


Announcing our new Centre of Excellence project

NCFE and WorldSkills UK announce partnership on new Centre of Excellence project


The tech skills gap remains a hot topic, and unless something is done quickly, there is no obvious solution in sight.

The tech skills gap remains a hot topic, and unless something is done quickly, there is no obvious solution in sight.  Nomad Digital is a North East based business, and we compete to attract the best talent to help us innovate and develop products t…


Case study - Flying high: The Launch Group

The Launch Group is a specialist training and recruitment provider that works nationally using Government and commercial funding to deliver diverse pre-employment programmes in the aviation sector. The highly regarded training provider recently recei…


PM announces new ‘Lifetime Skills Guarantee’

PM announces new ‘Lifetime Skills Guarantee’ Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has today announced a ‘Lifetime Skills Guarantee’ – which will mean that adults without an A level or equivalent qualification will be offered a free, fully-funded FE course…


The FE sector needs the revolutionary post-16 white paper

A paper published today by NCFE and our friends at Campaign for Learning is urging the Government to ensure that the plans outlined in the forthcoming post-16 white paper are sufficiently flexible to meet the immense changes facing the UK economy.


How to interview like a pro

Joshua Dixon is the Founder and CEO of The YourCode Group, which specialises in recruitment and talent acquisition for businesses operating across the globe. Find out more about his top tips for interviewing.




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