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Settling in Britain

We are delighted to announce the release of our new resource, Settling in Britain. This resource is aimed at practitioners, students and other professionals working with children and their families who are settling in Britain. Information, guidance, and resources included aim to raise awareness of challenges facing children and families settling in Britain and discuss concerns that practitioners and professionals may have when considering how to ensure children and their families are supported effectively through education and learning.

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Settling in Britain
Settling in Britain resources and activities
World Refugee Day

Every year on 20 June the world celebrates the ultimate courage and resilience of those who have had to flee their home of origin to escape war and conflict. This day is an opportunity to support the lives of refugees in education, health, and care so that they are able to resettle or return home once safe to do so.

As part of this day we have recorded an insightful discussion with member of our team to share with you some of the activities and tasks in our Settling in Britain resource that we hope you will find useful.

Settling in Britain resources and activities
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Alternative provisions: What’s new?

Over recent years, Alternative Provision (AP) has expanded and evolved in line with our ever-changing education system and forms an integral part of it. Approximately 32,083 children and young people are educated across at least 761 AP settings in England. So what's new in AP?

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Intergenerational care: A new generation

The bringing together of different generations within a community space that empowers individuals to share experiences and engage with one another is known as intergenerational care.

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Supporting families, children and young people settling in Britain

Quality provision provides opportunities to children and their families to help overcome traumatic events they have experienced. Although it will not erase the scars of trauma, it will enable time for reflection and offer tailored support to overcome adversity.

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ADHD Awareness

ADHD Awareness Month allows us to consider what we know about ADHD, as well as learn a little more, so that we can be confident in offering support where needed.

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Deaf Awareness

How hearing loss impacts on everyday life and how to increase the awareness, visibility, and inclusion of those who are deaf.

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Safety in mind – choking

The child accident prevention trust states that in the UK a child dies every month from choking and hundreds require hospital and medical care. It is essential that we are all safety aware when it comes to what we feed our children.

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Male practitioners in education and childcare

This interactive PDF contains links to a number of academic articles and research papers on males in education and childcare.

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Spotlight on the role of the virtual school and the virtual school head: What do you need to know?

This article is aimed at learners, tutors and assessors in relation to NCFE CACHE Supporting Teaching and Learning qualifications.

It will raise awareness of the role and responsibilities of virtual schools and virtual school heads (VSHs), and may be particularly useful when exploring knowledge around school structures, staff roles and supporting children and young people in education.

In addition, it covers the changes in ‘Keeping children safe in education’ (KCSIE 2022) statutory guidance in relation to virtual schools and VSHs, and offers signposting to further information.

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