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In this webinar, NCFE's Janet King and Stacy Mann are joined by Kelly Hill, owner of Codsall Community Nursery for a discussion on sustainability.

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Sustainability Matters in Early Childhood

NCFE's new Sustainability Matters in Early Childhood resource will support and empower the early years sector to learn more about our responsibilities to each other and the world in which we live. Rich with teaching prompts, case studies, and activities that can be carried out in the classroom and beyond, it will support practitioners, educators, childminders, parents/ carers, and early years students to take small green steps towards a better climate future globally in engaging ways.

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Embedding sustainability into early childhood education

Dr Diane Boyd and her PhD student Deinah Enrile, Liverpool John Moores University, join Janet King for a discussion on sustainability and why NCFE created a sustainability resource for students, parents and practitioners.

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STEM and sustainability in the early years

Janet King and NCFE colleagues Stacy Mann and Joe Neame, and Dr Diane Boyd from Liverpool John Moores University discuss sustainability in STEM.

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It's important that we begin the conversation about sustainability in the early years so children can understand the impact they can have, and the responsibility they have a human being on this planet and within their communities.

Kelly Hill, owner of Codsall Community Nursery