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Why choose a career in this sector?

Social Care Worker

Sector opportunity

In social care, you’ll find a range of rewarding roles in a variety of settings. In each of them, you’ll get to make a difference to the lives of people who need your help the most. 

You’ll also find long-term opportunities for career progression. Roles include:

  • Care worker 
  • Welfare officer 
  • Youth worker 
  • Social worker 
  • Community support and outreach worker 
  • Adult care manager 
  • Supervisors and managers 
  • Children, young people and families manager 
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Rewarding careers

Around 66% of social care practitioners were recruited from within the sector in 2019-20, demonstrating a clear need for new skills and presenting plenty of exciting opportunities for progression. 

Progression may mean working in new settings or with new people, taking on more responsibilities, or learning more specialist skills and gaining further qualifications. The sector is always changing to meet the needs of an ageing population, as people are living longer with complex conditions. 

There’s also a significant focus on supporting people to live independently, often at home. This means that care organisations are working in new ways, and with this comes the creation of lots of new and fulfilling job roles. 

Where learning could take you 

We have qualifications from Levels 1-5 in social care so, no matter what stage of career you’re at or which area of the sector you’d like to work in, we can help you master the skills you need for success in social care. 

Courses offer an introduction to social care, help shape your confidence and competence, and support continuing professional development (CPD). They reflect a variety of roles, challenges and responsibilities. Some qualifications have technical status, supporting your progression into employment and higher education.  

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