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Go the distance: supporting adults with training for employment

We’ll help you engage hard-to-reach adult learners and ensure they have the confidence to retrain and upskill.

While the pandemic has caused job losses, not all sectors have been affected – some are even growing. Even so, some jobs that people considered secure for life may no longer be stable or viable. Many adults are now looking to education and training to retrain or upskill for a fresh start.

Empowering adults with the skills they need to take on employment in growing sectors will be pivotal for their future, and that of the economy.

How we support adult learners

Adults may not have previously considered alternative training or areas of employment – or some may find the idea of this daunting. However, now, the educational pathway may be their best option.

We’re committed to supporting our colleagues across adult education to engage these adults and help them to take their next steps.

So, we’ve expanded our go the distance initiative to ensure adult learners are fully supported.

Our offer

We’ve identified the following growth sectors which are core for our adult go the distance offer:

  • Digital
  • Health and Social Care (including Childcare and Early Years)
  • Business and Enterprise
  • Low Carbon (Environmental Conservation)
  • Warehousing and Distribution.

Most qualifications in these sectors can be funded through the Adult Education Budget, either through the ESFA (national) or via a Mayoral Combined Authority (including the Greater London Authority).

How to select the best qualifications

Use our Adult Programme Builder to build a bespoke programme. This details our qualifications from growing sectors, so that you can identify learning pathways to help your learners gain new skills and progress to employment.

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When you decide to work with us, you’re choosing:

  • Products and services developed by experts in their fields who understand sector skills gaps, as well as current and future employer requirements
  • The best possible start for your learners or customers, who will master the skills they need to progress in work and in life, across a lifetime of learning
  • Deep expertise in a number of specialist sectors, with the highest quality qualifications, content and transformational learning experiences in these areas
  • Skills diagnostic and assessment tools, developed specifically to help you support your learners’ individual needs through assessing their starting points
  • Customer service with a 96% satisfaction rate and world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS)*, thanks to our clear service-level agreements, multi-channel service, end-to-end support with dedicated account management, curriculum planning expertise, and transparent pricing
  • An educational charity with a 170-year heritage in vocational and technical learning, that is working with a network of collaborators to shape smarter solutions around the greatest learning needs.

*NCFE has an NPS of 81, putting us in the world-class category. Our customer satisfaction score (CSAT) is 4.83 out of 5. Statistics correct as of January 2022