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T Level students from Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth Form set their sights on university

As Thorpe St Andrew School and Sixth form T Level students complete their final year of T Levels, they’re looking ahead to their futures in education and employment. Kate Campbell and Ellie Hearn, who are studying our T Level Technical Qualification in education and childcare, are both delighted to have received offers from their chosen universities to pursue their careers in teaching.

They are two of 500 T Level students who currently have a live university application; a figure UCAS expects to continue rising throughout the remainder of the cycle. What’s more, there are now 119 universities recognising these flagship vocational qualifications. 

We caught up with Kate and Ellie to find out how studying the T Level in education and childcare has helped them get one step closer to their career goals.   

Kate Campbell: 

On developing key skills and having a positive impact:  

“Studying the education and childcare T Level has helped me to make a positive impact on the lives of the children I’ve worked with. On placement, I truly feel like part of the school community – it’s the little moments I have every day with the children that prove the role and influence I have, and the gratitude the children have. I’ve also developed key skills such as creating activity/lesson plans, learning to adapt, and thinking quickly on my feet, as well as gaining general interpersonal skills from meeting new people and integrating into an existing community.”  

On recommending her T Level course to others:  

“If you want to pursue a career in education or childcare, I absolutely recommend studying the education and childcare T Level. It gives you a real insight into what your future career will be like and offers so many more opportunities and skills you cannot get on other courses. For example, we have the opportunity to get qualified in paediatric first aid, safeguarding and more; work on childcare and education placements; learn about curriculums, theories, and teaching methods; and visit specific settings such as Montessori nurseries.  

“Whatever your strength is, there will be an assessment method which welcomes it – so you never feel at a disadvantage if written exams or coursework aren’t your thing.”  

On preparing for higher education:  

“Studying a T Level has prepared me for university, as it has proved that teaching is definitely the career I want to pursue and has confirmed my aspirations. I’ve also learnt useful skills such as referencing in my work and presenting my work in a range of ways such as leaflets, posters, informative guides, presentations, activity plans, essays, displays and more.  

“I believe that from studying a T Level, I have an advantage over A Level students, as we learn about the different curriculums, educational pedagogies, behaviour management strategies and lesson plans in so much depth, which gives us an upper hand when it comes to university places compared to people who haven’t learnt about this.”  

On future plans:  

“I received offers to study BA (Hons) Education from all 5 of my university choices, which were University of East Anglia, Nottingham Trent University, University of Brighton, University of Nottingham, and University of York. After completing university, I plan to take a PGCE specialising in whichever age group I decide to work with, with aspirations of becoming a teacher.”  

Ellie Hearn: 

On the benefits of studying a T Level:  

“I’ve loved being able to get experience in schools and helping to have such a positive impact on children's lives. It’s been really useful being able to focus on one subject which is specialised to my future plans.  

“During the course, we’ve been asked to complete tests, we've completed CPD courses, and have learnt lots about children, which I think will really help to prepare me for university. Placement time in our course has really helped me to prepare for my career. I’ve been lucky enough to work in a school with EAL and special educational needs, which has given me the opportunity to work 1:1 with children, to find ways I can help to support their learning. Throughout the course, we’ve also learnt about how children learn, their different learning styles, all about the different curriculums and lots more, which has really prepared me for when I hopefully become a primary school teacher.” 

On preparing for a career in teaching:   

“I’ve enjoyed studying T Levels in comparison to other courses I’ve studied because it’s specific to my future career choice. I’ve never really had a favourite subject – however, I’ve always known that I want to be a teacher. I would recommend the T Level and I already have been! Everyone is so intrigued as to what course I’m doing, as everyone mistakes me for a PGCE student! I love to talk about what I do – so hopefully, children like me who know what their future career goals are can achieve too.” 

On her future plans:  

“I’ve never seen myself not working with children. I’ve been surrounded by caring for younger and older family members of mine, and so I feel it’s in my nature. I’ve always had confidence and the ability to become a leader, so hopefully, I can achieve in my career.  

“I’ve also always been interested in special educational needs, so there’s always been an idea in the back of my head to become a SENDCO. I admire their role and to make that difference to children’s lives and provide them all with equal opportunities would be so rewarding. Plus, to finally be able to give back and support children in the way my teachers have supported me throughout my education would be great. 

“My careers aspiration is to become a primary school teacher. I’ve been offered places at the University of Brighton, University of East Anglia and University of Derby, and have two interviews pending for University of Hertfordshire and Bishop Grosseteste University.”  

Find out more about our T Levels and how we can support you and your learners to success.  

If you want to pursue a career in education or childcare, I absolutely recommend studying the education and childcare T Level. It gives you a real insight into what your future career will be like and offers so many more opportunities and skills you cannot get on other courses.

Kate Campbell, Education and childcare T Level student
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