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Functional Skills online sample assessments - Digital

Our past-paper assessments are available as:

In-browser – Accessible using the weblinks below. Simply click the link and the assessment will open in browser. 

All content within the past papers are retired assessments that were live previously. Mark schemes for all past papers are provided in our assessment packs to allow you to mark on completion. This allows you to identify learner’s strengths and weaknesses to ensure individualised skills plans can be made using the outcomes of the sample assessments.

For in-browsers assessments, we recommend using these to gain learner familiarity with the NCFE onscreen platform.

Please note: If you wish to mark learner responses from an in-browser assessment, responses will need to be captured at the end of the sitting or screenshots throughout to facilitate this. Any learner responses inputted into an in-browser assessment cannot be retrieved once the assessment has been closed.

You may also wish to consider our diagnostic skills assessment tools and resources to support your learner’s journey.

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