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Teaching and learning

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Latest webinar – Outdoor learning and provision

The subject specialists discuss ways to incorporate outdoor provision and learning for all ages. They consider benefits, challenges, mental health and wellbeing as well as whole variety of practical examples that could be used in practice.

Outdoor learning and provision
Assessment for learning

Explore a range of summative assessments across reception, KS1 and KS2 and how these have changed over time. Discover how formative assessment creates opportunities for assessment for learning and how these benefit children, families, practitioners, and professionals in planning the next steps.

Assessment for learning (AfL) is an effective teaching tool that scaffolds the child’s current learning through offering strategies to gain the confidence to support future learning.

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Assessment for learning is any assessment for which the first priority in its design and practice is to serve the purpose of promoting pupils’ learning.

Assessment Reform Group (ARG) 
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STEM in primary education

Angie Rogers, Subject Specialist for Teaching and Learning, is joined by Joe Neame, Subject Specialist for Science, for a discussion on STEM, covering what it is and how important it is to early years and education, and the future prosperity of our society. 

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STEM CPD activities

Joe discusses how to model diffusion with primary children which could be adapted for older children in KS3. The activity chosen demonstrates to children that diffusion is where particles move from an area of high concentration to low concentration using food colouring and different water temperatures.

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Alternative provision: The Wave Project

Jason Wood, Education Manager at the Wave Project Cornwall, joins Angie Rogers and Janet Scott to showcase the amazing role of the Wave Project in supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

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Alternative provision: What’s new?

By Angie Rogers NCFE Subject Specialist for Teaching and Learning.

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We don’t do cognitive behaviour therapy but we have a culture about the way we work which comes from our experience of being within a culture of acceptance and the sharing of fun.

Jason Wood, Education Manager at the Wave Project Cornwall
Celebrating teaching assistants

Our aim was to shine a light on their professional skills, so that teaching assistants (TAs) could be recognised for the outstanding part they play in supporting the diverse needs of children and young people within our educational system today. Expectations of the role have evolved over the past decade and many TAs hold a wide range of qualifications from Level 2 to higher level qualifications at Level 3 and above, enriching the sector with a wealth of skill-based experiences. This was recognised at our round table event. Learn more: 

All I Do – Celebrating teaching assistants

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