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Working with babies effectively

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Webinar – Working with babies effectively

In this webinar, NCFE's Janet King and Stacy Mann are joined by Occupational Therapist and Relax Kids Teacher Sarah Hodgkins, for an informative discussion about working with babies effectively, including curiosity, intuition, connection and attachment.

Watch – Working with babies effectively
Webinar – The Early Years Development Review report with Dr Eunice Lumsden

NCFE's Janet King, Sector Manager Education and Childcare, and Stacy Mann, Subject Specialist for Early Years and Childcare, are joined by guest Dr Eunice Lumsden, Associate Professor for Childhood, Youth and Families, University of Northampton, for a lively and informative discussion on the Early Years Development Review report, which focuses on infants' first 1,001 critical days.

In conversation with Dr Eunice Lumsden

Babies communicate so much with us, they are massive communicators. We can learn to tune into their cues and take the time and space and give ourselves the permission to just be with our babies, allowing the connection and attachment to develop and unfold.

Occupational Therapist and Relaxed Kids Teacher Sarah Hodgkins