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End-point assessment case study: Craig Miller

Case study

Craig Miller is NCFE’s Relationship Manager. His journey with education began 7 years ago when he began delivering apprenticeships. Craig was inspired to work in apprenticeships to improve people’s circumstances: “I truly believe they can be a more suitable alternative for some people than traditional further and higher education to start a new career.” 

After gaining qualifications with his previous employer, Craig’s expertise grew. “I continued developing in apprenticeship delivery before a new challenge arose. This was an opportunity to not only deliver apprenticeships, but also delivery various other training including First Aid and Manual Handling among others.”  

The apprenticeship reform gave Craig the opportunity to put his expertise to good use, working in end-point assessments to help provide support and guidance to those working in apprenticeship delivery and sharing the insights that he’d gained over his career. Craig was attracted to a role at NCFE for many reasons, however, “the main reason was to promote and advance learning, which is a core value that I share.” 

Craig’s prior experience working in apprenticeship delivery informs how he communicates with other training providers. “I feel my background enables me to understand the challenges that they are facing as I may have experienced a similar situation.” He describes his work in apprenticeship delivery as “the most useful thing I have brought with me to this role.” 

One of the main aspects of his NCFE career that Craig enjoys is supporting people who are delivering apprenticeships, as he once did: 

Working with a variety of training providers and sharing my knowledge and experience of apprenticeships is one of the main things I love about my role. I speak to a wide range of people from those who are brand new to apprenticeship delivery, through to those who have worked in education for many years.

Craig’s proud that his work is effective: “I feel the knowledge we share across the team is great for supporting our customers.”