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Make it count with NCFE’s qualifications approved by Qualifications in Wales (QiW)

NCFE offers Welsh secondary schools qualifications approved by QiW with capped points

 These qualifications benefit from:

  • no external assessment
  • no cut off dates for entry
  • weighted equivalence to up to 2 GCSEs
  • high-quality teaching resources from iAchieve
  • no prior learning requirements
  • the flexible option of online delivery.
  • high-quality teaching resources from Hallmark Education

Qualifications in equality and diversity for Welsh schools

Level 2 Award in Equality and Diversity and Level 2 Certification in Equality and Diversity 

Education is changing in Wales, with renewed focus on supporting young people to be confident, ethical individuals who play an active part in their community and society. Our qualifications in Equality and Diversity support your learners to increase their understanding of a number of important topics, such as the effects of stereotyping, labelling and discrimination, and the ways in which diversity enhances society.

Why offer this qualification?

  • Your pupils will gain an understanding of equality and diversity issues in today's society, community and workplace, giving them the relevant skills to progress in life and work.


  • Your school will meet the new curriculum requirements, putting focus on developing your pupils into becoming ethical, informed citizens.

Improve outcomes with nested qualifications

The qualification comes in two sizes, allowing you the flexibility to choose the qualification that is best suited to a learners’ current level of study. You can move them up, or down, to another qualification within the same suite based on their performance.

The Level 2 certificate in this suite is equivalent to 2 GCSEs, increasing the value of your time in the classroom.

Valuable life skills and progression routes for Welsh pupils

NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health

Why offer this qualification?

  • Your pupils will gain and understanding of valuable life skills in healthy living, a balanced diet and food safety. Additionally, your pupils will be introduced to various workplace sectors including, sport and recreation, exercise and fitness, hospitality and catering or healthcare.


  • Your school will support pupils to gain valuable knowledge and transferable skills. As there are no specific recommended prior learning requirements or external assessment under exam conditions, this qualification is highly accessible for a range of abilities. This qualification is equivalent to 1 GCSE.

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