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Case Study: Equality and Diversity qualification helping pupils to challenge stereotypes

Case Study Hear from our Learners and Centres

9 June 2021

Samantha Dowling, Head of Life Skills at Y Pant Comprehensive School, shares insight into how NCFE’s Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity is helping pupils to challenge stereotypes. Y Pant Comprehensive School in South Wales has recently introduced Life Skills as a GCSE subject.

Samantha commented “As part of this course, we’ve been delivering the Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity to 480 of our Year 9 and Year 10 pupils, including our SEN and ALN students.

GSCE equivalent

“When finding courses for Life Skills, it was important that we picked a subject which covered important topics such as equality and diversity in a meaningful way. However, we also wanted to ensure that our students would receive a qualification at the end of their studies. That’s why we decided on NCFE’s Level 2 Certificate, which is the equivalent of two GCSEs.

Different options to cater for all learning styles

“We’re very happy that we chose NCFE, as the course is well organised, and communication has been great. One thing we appreciate is that students have the option to complete the work in a variety of formats, depending on which style suits them best.

“We have already seen the positive effects that the learning has had on our students. For instance, pupils have stopped using certain derogatory terms and now better understand the importance of tolerance and acceptance.

Learning about cultures, religion and lifestyles

“In our pupils’ own words, they are enjoying studying Equality and Diversity as it has “allowed them to learn about a wide range of cultures, religions and lifestyles”. As well as this, our pupils now have a better understanding of their individual rights in a number of scenarios, from voting rights to their rights in the workplace.

“The Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity is suitable for pre-16 pupils and above, as well as adult learners. This includes those in or seeking employment, as well as those who need to develop an awareness of issues surrounding equality and diversity, for example as part of an induction programme or personal development.”

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