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End-point assessment case study: Leanne Poole

Case study

Leanne Poole is our Senior Relationship Manager and was attracted to a career with NCFE because of our status as an educational charity, as well as being a leader in technical and vocational learning. “I love the ethos and the fact that NCFE is a charity with a core purpose to promote and advance learning.” Her own education background informs the passion she has for helping NCFE customers to deliver end-point assessments: “I started my career as an apprentice, and I am passionate about promoting alternative routes to full time and higher education.”  

Not only is Leanne devoted to the work she does, but she also loves the energy and atmosphere of the sector. “I love working within the education sector as the only constant is change - the sector evolves on a regular basis, which brings opportunities to enhance and improve the learner journey.” 

A career with purpose is what drives Leanne’s passion to provide the best solutions for NCFE customers and learners every day: “NCFE is passionate about creating educational opportunities for all, across a range of areas and assessment methods, and I wanted to be part of helping them to achieve this.” 

Leanne helps NCFE create educational opportunities for learners with the relationship team. “I love being part of the relationship team as I believe we make a real difference to the learner journey and customer experience. We can be the voice for our customers and learners, and we use the feedback we receive to shape the service that we offer.” 

What drives Leanne is witnessing learner achievement first-hand. “Seeing how much achieving their end-point assessment (EPA) meant to the learners and how much work they had put into this was another highlight for me.” The most rewarding experience Leanne’s had on the job so far was helping to establish the EPA team: “My career highlight at NCFE was my involvement in the early stages of the EPA services rollout.” She was at the frontline of supporting those who’d never had experience with NCFE end-point assessment before. “I had the opportunity to support our first customers and learners with preparing to undertake EPA with NCFE. This was so rewarding and an experience I will not forget.” 

Leanne’s wealth of experience helping support NCFE’s customers and learners helps her contribute to our mission of shaping real change in education. Her expertise helps us stay ahead of the curve and anticipate emerging trends in education: “My experience helps to ensure that we are able to adapt quickly and offer support to meet the needs required within an ever-changing market.” 

Seeing how much achieving their end-point assessment (EPA) meant to the learners and how much work they had put into this was another highlight for me

Leanne Poole, NCFE Senior Relationship Manager