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Preparing for placement – early years and childcare learners

Here you will find the preparing for placement programme for your early years and childcare learners. This will be a useful tool for learners to work through whilst waiting for a suitable time to begin their placements or re-enter settings.

We have also undertaken a mapping exercise to show where the programme topic areas may assist with learners achieving learning outcomes of their qualifications.

Mapping document

Year one learners

There are three modules for year one learners to work through, which include videos to watch, activities to carry out and a trip to a virtual nursery via NurseryVue.

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Year two learners

For year two learners, there is one module looking at reflective practice with tasks to carry out and research to undertake. Year two learners may also find it interesting to explore NurseryVue.

Guidance on Reflective Practice and Placement


NurseryVue is aimed at Level 2 and 3 early years and childcare learners. It was designed in consultation with learners, tutors and subject specialists to give an accurate picture of what it’s like to work in a nursery setting.

Learners will be able to consider the health and safety factors involved in working with children in a nursery by exploring topics such as food and nutrition, physical care routines, unwell children, and risks and hazards.

We have adapted this feature for use on a PC with no need for a virtual headset. Each topic has a short introduction, interactive exercise within the nursery, and then three multiple choice questions at the end.

Other useful resources

Placement handbook: guide for learners/apprentices

The Brain Story

Health and Safety Executive guidance on work placements

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