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EPA Standard

Learning Mentor

Level 3     £5,000      12 months

1. What the role entails

Mentoring takes place in all parts of the Education and Training Sector (ETS) and staff development contexts. Learning Mentors support learners of all ages and levels to develop within a new work role. These learners may be apprentices, trainees or new recruits (ranging from young entrants, to new CEOs) in the workplace, or in any vocational learning environment.

Learning Mentors will have sector-specific experience and qualifications, as determined by their employer or professional body, which they’ll use to guide and advise those who are less experienced and new to a work role. Therefore, the Learning Mentor is a ‘dual professional’ having both up-to-date knowledge and skills in a specialist vocational or subject area, together with the generic skills necessary to support learners.

We have a broad range of sector specialists in the following employment areas for the Level 3 Learning Mentor standard:

  • Health
  • Care and education
  • Business
  • Leadership management
  • Accountancy, finance and payroll
  • Digital.

If you offer a sector or specialism which does not appear in the above list, please contact the Customer Relationship team at [email protected] for more information.

2. On-programme assessment

Before entering Gateway, the apprentice must complete the following on-programme assessment requirements:

  • Knowledge, skills and behaviours (KSBs) - confirmed by the employer and by the submission of a Showcase
  • Mandated qualification Level 1 Safeguarding
  • Level 2 in English and maths
  • Level 2 in ICT.

3. Gateway requirements

The employer, independent training provider (ITP) and apprentice make the decision to take the apprentice through Gateway. The apprentice must complete all the on-programme elements before they enter Gateway, including a Showcase that will inform the Professional Discussion.

4. End-point assessment

The EPA for Learning Mentor contains two methods of assessment:

Learning Mentor Observations

This includes 2 Learning Mentor Observation (LMO) sessions with a minimum of 2 learners, totalling 120 minutes (+/-10%). The Observation will involve learners who’re taking part in a genuine mentoring session, not role-playing. It will usually be a one-to-one session, but group mentoring may also be observed. Other learners won’t be present during these observations. Following the Observation, the Independent End-Point Assessor (IEPA) will be able to ask the apprentice questions. The duration of the questioning relates to any clarification required around the KSBs, and will be specific to each LMO and each apprentice. If questioning is needed, it shouldn’t exceed 10% of the total time of the Observation.

Grading: the LMOs are weighted (x2) due to the importance of this aspect in the overall assessment of the apprentice’s competence. They are graded Pass or Distinction, and account for 64% of the total EPA.

Professional Discussion (PD)

The Professional Discussion session will last for a maximum of 60 minutes (+/- 10%). The Professional Discussion will take place in a confidential environment with no interruptions. The IEPA will clarify and validate the apprentice’s claim to meeting the Learning Mentor apprenticeship standard through ongoing practice. This will be illustrated in the exemplary examples provided in the showcase and will be mapped or cross referenced to the Professional Discussion KSBs listed in the thematic/synoptic assessment areas. The Showcase must be sent to the IEPA before the Professional Discussion.

Grading: the Professional Discussion is graded Pass or Distinction and makes up 36% of the EPA.

5. Grade aggregation table

Apprentices must pass both assessments to pass the overall EPA. The overall EPA grading is determined by the total points for both assessments and is calculated as follows:

Assessment Points  Overall Grade

Learning mentor observations

0 - 26 points (x2) Fail
27 - 29 points (x2) Pass
30 - 32 points (x2) Distinction

Professional discussion

0 - 23 points (x1) Fail
24 - 29 points (x1) Pass
30 - 36 points (x1) Distinction
Final grade 0 - 77 points Fail
78 - 89 points Pass
90 - 100 points Distinction

6. Completion and certification

We’ll activate certification once the apprentice has successfully completed all EPAs, and the IEPA has verified this. Working with the apprenticeship certificate issuing authority, we’ll ensure the apprentice receives their certificate.

7. What next?

Upon completion of the Learning Mentor apprenticeship, the apprentice could progress within their vocation specialism and/or into roles involving the assessment and coaching of vocational learners. They may also be eligible to progress onto a full teaching role within an education and training provider organisation, or progress onto the Level 5 Learning and Skills Teacher apprenticeship standard.


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