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EPA Standard

Dental Nurse Integrated (V3)

Level 3.  |   £6,000   |   18 months

1. What the role entails

The Dental Nurse provides chair-side support to all dental professionals, making sure there’s high standards of cleanliness and infection control. Dental Nurses prepare instruments, materials and medicaments for dental procedures; mix materials; sterilise instruments; keep records; note dictation; carry out stock control; and ensure patient comfort and safety throughout their visit. Dental Nurses work in a clinical environment that could be located in an NHS general dental practice, hospital, private dental practice, specialist dental practice, community dental service or military dental clinic.

2. On-programme assessment

Before entering Gateway, the apprentice must complete the following on-programme assessment requirements:

  • Level 2 English and maths
  • A Level 3 qualification the General Dental Council approves of as meeting the requirements for entry to the professional register as a Dental Nurse.

3. Gateway requirements

The employer, independent training provider (ITP) and apprentice make the decision to take the apprentice through Gateway. The apprentice must complete all the on-programme elements before they enter Gateway, including completing a Portfolio of Evidence.

4. End-point assessment

The end-point assessment (EPA) for Dental Nurse (Integrated) contains three methods of assessment:

Knowledge Test

This is a closed-book test and will be structured to draw out the best of the apprentice’s knowledge assigned to this assessment method. The Knowledge Test will be 90 minutes and consists of 45 multiple-choice questions.

Fail = 0-31 marks
Pass = 32-45 marks

Observation of Practice

The Observation of Practice allows the Independent End- Point Assessor (IEPA) to see the apprentice during their normal everyday work. The Observation of Practice is undertaken in the apprentice’s workplace and will be a total of 75 minutes. The Observation itself lasts 60 minutes, followed by a 15-minute question and answer session to check knowledge and understanding relating to the skills and behaviours observed.

The Observation is graded Fail or Pass.

Interview underpinned by a Portfolio of Evidence

The Portfolio of Evidence is submitted at Gateway and is used by the IEPA to assist in the selection of questions during the Interview. The apprentice will use the Portfolio of Evidence as a reference to support their answers. The Interview is 45 minutes in duration.

The Interview is graded Fail or Pass.

5. Grade aggregation table

Knowledge Test
Observation of Practice Interview underpinned by Portfolio of Evidence Overall grade
Pass Pass Pass Pass
Pass Pass Fail  Fail
Pass Fail Pass  Fail
Fail Pass Pass Fail

If the apprentice fails any assessment method, the EPA will be graded Fail overall.

6. Completion and certification

We’ll activate certification once the apprentice has successfully completed all EPAs, and the IEPA has verified this. Working with the apprenticeship certificate issuing authority, we’ll ensure the apprentice receives their certificate.

7. What next?

On completion of the Dental Nurse (Integrated) EPA, apprentices can register with the General Dental Council as a qualified Dental Nurse.


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