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Start thinking about post-results options

As we approach the summer period, many of your learners will be receiving results across a range of our external assessments. There may be times when you may think these results are outside of your reasonable expectations, and you want NCFE to investigate a little further. Our customer-facing teams can’t enter into discussions regarding individual learner results, but instead we have a range of post-results options across our suites of qualifications to support you and your learners. 

Enquiries about results (EARs) 

An enquiry about results allows centres to raise a query over a result for an external assessment. 

  • Option 1 – clerical check: A clerical check includes ensuring all marks or grades awarded to the learner(s) have been correctly recorded and processed. 
  • Option 2 – review of marking: A review of marking is carried out by the Chief Examiner, or another appropriate standardised marker, to ensure that the agreed mark scheme/standard has been applied correctly. 

Access to scripts 

For our Level 1/2 Technical Award V Certs and our T Level qualifications, we offer the option for a centre to request a copy of the marked script following an assessment. This could be to support a possible review of marking submission, or to use as a classroom aid to support preparation for future assessments.  

Functional Skills feedback 

In addition to free automated feedback for our online English and maths assessments, we offer further feedback options for our Functional Skills qualifications if your learners require an indication of which area to improve in preparation for a resit. This could be compact feedback, with a brief review of learner achievement, or rich feedback, with a Chief Examiner providing a comprehensive feedback report tailored to your learner.  

More information on post-results services, timescales and fees can be found here