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T Level results summer 2022 (archive information)

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This page was updated on 16 January 2022

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When were T Level Technical Qualification results released? 
  • 17 August 2022: Restricted results release to providers only
  • 18 August 2022: Release of results from providers to students.

To view student results, log into the Portal and go to the ‘results’ area. Here, you’ll be able to search for your batch and view student results slips for the Core Component, Occupational Specialism and your provider result confirmation report.

Check out our T Level Portal and Online Assessment User Guide for support on how to complete these actions and you can also view our guide to understanding T Level Technical Qualification results.

Manage T Level results service – and where to direct queries

As a provider, you must ensure that you’ve taken all the necessary steps as advised for the Manage T Level results service.

NCFE will submit your student registration status and Technical Qualification result to the Manage T Level results service platform. This will be matched with your LRS data and Industry Placement outcomes to issue a final T Level result and certification.

Any queries regarding your students’ overall T Level result and certification should be directed through [email protected]

Queries regarding the Technical Qualification Core Component and Occupational Specialist Component results should be directed to [email protected]

Documentation and guidance
Release of Summer 2022 series assessment materials

On 18 August 2022, we published the assessment materials from the Summer 2022 series. On this day, a copy of the assessment paper, any other supporting documents (such as tutor guide, or pre-release material where appropriate), and the mark scheme, will be published on each qualification page.

These are published to support providers in understanding the results they receive, to be used as part of classroom teaching, or to be used for future assessment preparation, alongside other past papers and sample materials.

Guidance on understanding your results

To help providers understand the results you receive on 17 August, we’ve published a document which explains the range of possible results that may be received for both the Technical Qualification Core Component and, where relevant, the Occupational Specialist Component.

This guide explains the layout of the results slip and how to interpret them, a range of possible results status’ which a student could receive, and how results will present for both first time attempts and also resits.

Access the guide and more information on results.

Education and Childcare Occupational Specialism moderated assignments

Early Years Educator: Assignment 2 Part 2

Assisting Teaching: Assignment 2

Following the moderation of assignment 2 and the outcome of our quality checks, one of the following 3 marks will be applied to your cohort.

Provider mark – Confirms that the provider mark has been accepted. This means that the provider marks were within tolerance of the moderator marks. The provider mark will be accepted for all students within the cohort.

Regressed mark – Confirms that the regressed mark has been accepted. This means that the provider marks were outside of tolerance and in a consistent way (i.e. all marks are higher than the moderator or all marks are lower than the moderator). Therefore, linear regression can be applied to the cohort. The regressed mark will be applied to all students within the cohort.

Moderator mark – Confirms that the moderator mark has been accepted. This means that the provider marks were outside of tolerance and in an inconsistent way (i.e. some marks were higher than the moderator mark and some were lower than the moderator mark). Therefore, the provider mark could not reliably be adjusted. The moderator mark will be accepted for all students within the cohort.

An email was issued to each provider to confirm which marks have been accepted, on 17 August, through our EQA team.

Chief Examiner and Chief Moderator Reports

We've also now published a Chief Examiner Report, and Chief Moderator Report on each of the qualification pages for all components for which results are being released. Specifically, this will be a single Chief Examiner Report for the Core Exam sub-component for each qualification, and a Chief Examiner Report for each Core ESP sub-component, with one per specialism where appropriate. There is also a Chief Examiner report for the externally assessed assignments within the Occupational Specialism of the wave 1 qualification results being released this summer, and a Chief Moderator report for the moderated assignment of the Occupational Specialism.

The purpose of these reports is to give providers insight into the general performance of the cohort this series, to highlight areas where students performed well, and those where further development may be needed. They also help explain common errors or issues observed throughout marking or moderation. The Chief Moderator Report will also provide feedback on the quality of assessment records moderated as part of final moderation, including examples of good practice and what further development of practice may be needed.

You can also find help, guidance and support materials for T Level providers from the Department for Education and the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education on the gov.uk website.

Your questions answered

Click on the drop-down buttons below to read the answers to our most popular queries on T Level results.

  • NCFE submits your student’s registration status and Technical Qualification result to the Manage T Level results service platform. This will be matched with your LRS data and Industry Placement outcomes to issue a final T Level result and certification.
  • Any queries regarding your student’s overall T Level result and certification should be directed through [email protected]
  • Further information can be found on the DfE website.
  • We can support with queries regarding the Technical Qualification core and occupational specialism results.

You can find our range of post-results services available on our website, allowing providers to request:

  • A clerical check (an administrative check of marks to ensure they were recorded and processed correctly)
  • A review of marking (a review by the Chief Examiner of the original examiner marking to ensure it was accurate)
  • A review of moderation (a review by the Chief Moderator of moderated marks, where applicable, to ensure moderation was accurate. This must be requested at cohort level, and cannot be requested for individual learners within a cohort)
  • Access to scripts (to allow a provider to receive a copy of a marked student paper). All information about our post-results services can be found on our Results page.

Please note that:

  • Student consent must be obtained so any post results services will not be able to be submitted until at least Thursday 18 August.
  • We’ll prioritise any request that are linked to UCAS applications.
  • If you’re a learner or parent, please speak with your provider who will take this forward with NCFE.
  • The overall T Level outcome for your learners will be shared with UCAS via the Manage T Level results service on 11 August.
  • As with all qualifications, there will be some students who don’t achieve the full T Level but have gained valuable learning and skills from the programme.
  • To help with the understanding and recognition of this partial achievement, we’ve agreed with UCAS an indicative tariff score for the core and the industry placement, which represents 50% of the points for the overall T Level.
  • This is intended to support decision making throughout confirmation and clearing. This indicative tariff score is set out below. Due to this being an indicative score for this year, it will not be reflected in UCAS systems.
  • This allocation will be reviewed following this summer’s results day as we look to support you in understanding T Levels further as the number of students taking this qualification increases.
  • Students who achieve their core and industry placement will attract the following tariff points:

Grade for Core

Tariff allocation (provided a student completes their industry placement)













The T Level Core Component requires students, on their first sitting, to be booked for and attempt both of the sub-components:

  • Core exams (paper A and B)
  • Employer Set Project (ESP)

Beyond the first sitting students are able to re-take the sub-components in the next, or a subsequent, series, either independently or together. For example:

  • Core exams (paper A and B) and ESP
  • ESP
  • Core exams (paper A and B)

Please note, providers are expected to align to the first sitting requirement to attempt both sub-components. NCFE will monitor initial sitting management, and work with providers to ensure requirements are well understood and implemented.

NCFE is responsible for the Core Component and Occupational Specialist Components of the Technical Qualifications that we’re approved to deliver. We’ll deliver assessments and results for:

  • Core Component (Core Exams and Employer Set Project)
  • Occupational Specialism

We published results as above to providers on our Portal on 17 August. Results slips for the relevant components can be accessed on the NCFE Portal.

We’ve also submitted all component results to the DfE who is responsible for:

  • Aggregating and issuing the overall T Level grade (this includes the result from the Technical Qualification components and the completion of the Industry Placement
  • Issuing T Level certificates and statements of achievement
  • Transfer of T Level grades to UCAS
  • Industry placement

For more information on these areas, please check out the DfE’s T Levels support for schools and colleges pages on gov.uk or contact the DfE using the ‘Contact Us’ option at the bottom of that page. The key contacts list provides details about who to contact for any results day queries. If you have queries specifically relating to the Manage T Level Results Service, please contact [email protected] 

Only students booked on the Core Component in the Summer 2022 series will be displayed within the students’ results slips and results confirmation reports. You can see a breakdown of each student’s best result for each Core sub-component and component overall, by accessing the Technical Qualification Core C Results report from Results screen in the Portal.

If you require copies of any results paperwork from either the Summer 2021 or Autumn 2021 series, these can be provided upon request.

For students completing their T Level programme this year, your student’s best result has already been submitted to the T Level Manage Results service to aggregate for their overall outcome.

Further queries

If you have any queries that haven’t been answered by the support available on this page, contact us on [email protected] or via live chat.