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Introducing the NCFE Podcast

Our podcast facilitates conversations between education thought leaders, including policy specialists and sector leaders with a wide variety of opinions.

Discover just a few of our previous episodes below, where we discuss topics like the future of education, as well as addressing UK unemployment, social mobility, and more. The NCFE Podcast is available to subscribe and listen to on most podcast streaming services.

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After education: preparing young people for the real world

Paul Turner, Policy Specialist at NCFE, is joined by guests to discuss the topics people wish they were taught in school.

From financial education to mental fitness and engaging with politics, our guests discuss the life skills they believe should be on the agenda before every young person leaves school.

Diverse spaces: the importance of representation and inclusion

Paul Turner, Policy Specialist at NCFE, is joined by guests working to make education more inclusive.

The panel discusses where strides have been made and where there’s still room for improvement. They also discuss the curriculum and whether a shake-up is needed to make sure young people leave school or education as global citizens with a good understanding of diversity and inclusion.

Social mobility: from education to employment

Michael Lemin, Head of Policy at NCFE, is joined by guests to discuss social mobility, and what employers and educators can do to bridge the gap.

Michael speaks to a mentor and a former mentee about how this helped them develop professionally and personally, alongside representatives from The Sutton Trust and The Helena Kennedy Foundation.

Mental health and the power of education

Michael Lemin, Head of Policy at NCFE, is joined by a panel of guests to discuss the power of education and how it can promote good mental health. From proactive measures like the mental fitness app Fika and crisis prevention alongside Big Dog Little Dog, the panel discusses education’s unique role in supporting mental health.

Find out more about the mental fitness app from Fika, Big Dog Little Dog and our suicide prevention qualifications.

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