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Why choose a career in this sector?

Early Years 3

Sector opportunity

Make a difference to the lives of children and their families with an early years and childcare qualification. Whatever way you want to make a positive impact in this field, we have a qualification that will support you to succeed. 

Rewarding job roles in this sector include: 

  • Early years practitioner 
  • Early years educator 
  • Educator 
  • Playworker 
  • Teaching assistant 
  • PANCo 
  • SENCO 
  • Childminder

By beginning at Entry Level and extending to Level 5 study, choosing a CACHE qualification gives you opportunities for diverse career progression. The ultimate goal is to set you up for a lifetime of continued personal and professional development.  

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Innovative learning content

Prepares you for practical experience

We’re proud to develop early years and childcare learning content that prepares you for the real demands of practice. All our larger qualifications include guides to work placement to make sure you get the best from your practical experience of the sector.

Support for your tutors

Your tutors will be supported with schemes of work, tutor guides and internal assessment tasks, so that you can get the best possible learning experience for the best professional outcomes.

Where learning can take you

The most rewarding part of a career in early years and childcare is making a positive impact on the life of a child, young person and family.

With the right training, you can identify how best to help others to overcome circumstantial obstacles and improve their outcomes for life - an incredibly fulfilling vocation for all practitioners.  

Qualifications that meet demands 

Because we know everyone is different, we design qualifications  that  can be adapted to the needs of each individual. 

We work alongside employers to ensure all our qualifications fill the knowledge and skills gap that they need to strengthen the next generation’s professional capabilities.  

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