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Support package to maximise student success in – Health, Healthcare Science and Science

An overview of our resource offer for Employer Set Projects (ESP)

ESP masterclass videos: These short 10-minute videos provide top tips, supporting teachers in breaking down the requirements of the core skills to structure the ESP. The videos also provide further advice to students on the core knowledge and skills required in response to the ESP brief: 

ESP student packs: These were designed to support students in preparing for their ESP, supplementing their classes with guides and activities – English writing, reflection, key terms, applying the core skills and more: 

ESP provider checklists: These checklists will enable you to consider administration requirements, considerations for IT equipment, delivery planning and assessment requirements: 

Additional sample materials for ESP

We know from your feedback how important it is for you to be able to access additional sample materials for the ESP and these have now been published on the relevant qualification pages on our website which can be found via the links below, under the assessment materials tab: 

  • Health: Mark scheme, pro formas, brief insert, project brief and tutor guidance 
  • Healthcare Science: Mark scheme, brief, provider guide and proformas 
  • Science: Pro formas, provider guide, statistical techniques, briefs and materials for laboratory sciences context, food science context and metrology science context. 

Standardised patient – Health T Level ESP (for students): This 7-minute video is intended to support individuals who are taking on the role of the standardised patient in the Health ESP. It provides ideas and tips related to what is a 'standardised patient', how to prepare for the role play activity, what to be mindful of and how to use appropriate language and the brief effectively. 

Standardised patient – Health T Level ESP (for teachers): This video will explore the role of the standardised patient in Health education. It will prepare teachers for delivery of the T Level ESP and explore how to incorporate this role into delivery. 

ESP core skills: These resources provide support to students around core skills, embedding them into practice and how they link to the ESP: 


Teaching and delivery support for the core exams and the ESP

Preparing students for the core exams and ESP: These sessions explore the content of the exams and ESP and identify strategies to support students’ revision.  


Overview of our resource offer for core exams

Maximising core exam success: These short 10-minute videos provide top tips, supporting teachers to break down the requirements and techniques relating to exams. The videos will also provide further advice to students on exam preparation: 

Core exam student packs: We understand that exams can feel daunting. That’s why we’ve created this support pack, containing guides and activities that will help with exam preparation, supplement classroom learning and enhance independent study. It’s important to note that there are English and maths examples contained within the core exam packs that are also reflected in the ESP student packs. The purpose of this is to provide students that are not resitting the ESP, the opportunity to explore English, maths and reflective practice, which will further develop their preparation for everyday life and employment:

Models of reflection: This video will support the development of reflective practice skills and explore the use of models of reflection in a professional capacity and / or industry relevant setting.  

Using Models of Reflection   


Preparing for the occupational specialism in Health  

We have a range of useful video resources to support you in preparing for the Occupational Specialism (OS) in Health:    

Preparing students for year two assessments: These sessions involve an overview of the synoptic assignments with a focus on teaching and delivery strategies to incorporate in year two delivery. 

Teaching and delivery strategies in the Occupational Specialism: This session explores teaching and learning activities and formative assessment and how to incorporate these in the delivery of the Occupational Specialism. 

Academic reading and writing: These sessions explore developing students’ academic skills to effectively level up for year 2 synoptic assignments and to succeed and excel in their chosen discipline. 

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