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Fika – changing perceptions of mental fitness

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We partnered with Fika with the aim of helping staff and learners develop the mental fitness skills that will allow them to be more confident, resilient, and ready to face the world.

Improving mental health in education settings is a huge priority for us and we believe that potential can only be fulfilled if we feel mentally fit. That’s why we’re currently funding the use of Fika’s “7 Skills of Mental Fitness” curriculum for 69 FE centres.

The centres that are already signed up to Fika are not only getting one year of free access to the app, but are also playing an important part in the movement for better mental fitness.

What is Fika?

Fika is an innovative app that allows users to develop 7 mental fitness skills. The evidence-based mental fitness curriculum has been fully endorsed by NCFE and is easily accessible via an app and web browser.

The platform is Ofsted mapped and proven to build mental fitness in both students and staff in just 5 minutes per day. Designed by expert psychologists, Fika improves stress management, focus and motivation.

Mental fitness impact in numbers: 

39,446 Fika registrations 

hours spent in training 

Closing the gap in mental fitness

Everyone can benefit from mental fitness training on Fika. That’s why centres using it are encouraging both staff and learners to make Fika part of their daily routine.

The way Fika has been adopted throughout colleges so far is impressive, and we’re seeing evidence that the gap in general understanding and teaching of mental education and fitness is closing.

Rolling out Fika in your education institution
Evidence of the impact of Fika

Staff have been using Fika since March 2021. However, a two-week snapshot shows just how effective Fika is.

6,000 staff across FE have seen their mental fitness scores increased by an average of 15%.

If you’re interested in implementing Fika in your educational setting, get in touch with Fika directly below:

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We're not a mental health helpline. Visit the NHS website for mental health information and support:

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How educators at CCN have taken control to proactively work on their mental fitness with Fika:

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Reframing stress with Fika and NCFE

Fika demonstrates that by making stress something to work with, instead of against, it’s possible to get a better handle on it and use low level stress to help thrive in challenging situations.

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A personal journey that led to a changed perception of mental health

Nick Bennett, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Fika, recently delivered a TEDx talk where he shared his personal story that led to the creation of Fika with his Co-Founder Gareth Fryer and their mission to mainstream mental fitness.

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“By allocating staff an hour of dedicated Fika time, they’ve been able to start on the essentials course and see first-hand how Fika will help staff and learners cope better with any challenge they face.”

- Dave Bostock Smith, FE Development Manager at Newcastle College

“Fika has enabled colleges to develop positive attitudes and language around mental fitness. Covid has accelerated this, but Fika can help both staff and learners improve. For example, even just 5 years ago colleges generally didn't talk about mental wellbeing - that has changed.”

- Mary Fudge, Careers Advisor at Lewisham College