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Additional resources SCORM - Occupational Specialism AT - Bundle 2




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In addition to the resources we are making available free to providers, we have developed further session packs. This bundle includes 20 sessions which cover some of the key areas for performance outcome 3 and performance outcome 4 of the AT occupational specialism.  

To support providers, we are offering this bundle of learning resources linked to PO3 and PO4 for £200 (excluding VAT).

The session packs contain:

  • a detailed session plan
  • an e-learning module 
  • associated student activity sheets
  • homework activities

If you would like to find out more about these resources get in touch with your T Level account executive, or email us [email protected].


Please note: These resources have been updated to align with V3.0 of the qualification specification (first teaching from September 2022). If you require a copy of the previous versions, please contact [email protected]