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Enter: Learner of the Year

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Do you know someone who deserves to win the Learner of the Year award?

This award recognises an exceptional learner for their work, either within their programme of study or in relation to a particular project related to their studies. This may include high performance or achievement rates, innovative ways of presenting work, going the extra mile, conducting voluntary work alongside their studies, or using what they’ve learned during their qualification to create an opportunity for themselves to strengthen their record of achievement.

What should my nomination include?

You can write up to 1,000 words about why you’re nominating this learner for this award. You should consider including the following in your nomination:  

  • Has the learner exceeded expectations in terms of achievements or grades, or made significant progress since starting their qualification? 
  • Has the learner had a wider impact on other learners or the way in which the qualification will be delivered in the future? 
  • Has the learner gone above and beyond to make a difference – either for themselves, their peers, their employers, their place of study or their community? 
  • Has the learner undertaken any additional activities on top of their studies to further support their future? 

Remember to read the terms and conditions before submitting your nomination! 

Harry sprung to mind immediately for this award because of the amount of work he does and his dedication. He’s always had a goal in mind, and he’s gone for it!

Kate Storr, T Level Coordinator at Loughborough College

Need inspiration?

Our Learner of the Year 2023: Harry Disney

Harry Disney studied the T Level in Health at Loughborough College. Described as a “hardworking individual who gives his all to everything he does”, Harry has demonstrated his passion for the health sector and helping others to achieve. By volunteering with St John’s Ambulance and working as a First Responder for the Ambulance Service, Harry is making impressive strides towards building a successful career in emergency services.

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Our Learner of the Year 2022: Juwairia Junaid

Juwairia is described by her tutors as a “truly outstanding learner”. Arriving early for every session, her attitude to learning, enthusiasm and engagement within the lessons inspires all those around her.

As Juwairia is fully blind, she manages an array of different machinery, technology and software to give her access to her studies, but this never stops her from achieving. In her spare time, she is also a co-host at her local radio station where she presents a magazine-style show: ‘The Disabled Table’.

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