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T Level results

When your students receive their T Level results, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

What results will be released and when? 

Take a look at our Key Dates Schedule to find out the release dates for any T Level results, including any assessment dates and deadlines. You can view a summary of results release dates in the table below:

Assessment session Restricted release from NCFE to providers Release from providers to students Request for review of Marketing/Moderation (ROMM) Expedited request for review of Marketing/Moderation (ROMM) Appeals Certificate issued by the manage T level results service
Autumn 2023 20 March 2024 21 March 2024 25 April 2024 To be submitted within 7 calendar days of the result release date from providers to students To be submitted within 30 calendar days of the outcome of a ROMM From March 2024
Summer 2024 14 August 2024 15 August 2024 19 September 2024 From August 2024
Autumn 2024 19 March 2025 20 March 2025 24 April 2025 From March 2025
Summer 2025 20 August 2025 21 August 2025 25 September 2025 From August 2025

For students completing their T Level studies, results will be submitted to the Department for Education (DfE) via the Manage T Level Results Service, which will calculate an overall grade for students who have met all the required elements for their T Level. NCFE doesn’t issue overall T Level grades, nor do we print and dispatch T Level certificates. Full details relating to T Level grades can be found on the website

Autumn assessment series 2023 results

T Level results from our autumn 2023 series will be released to providers on Wednesday 20 March, in preparation for students receiving these on Thursday 21 March. Please note that these results are embargoed and must not be released to students before Thursday 21 March.

This includes results from the core component, including core exams A and B, and the core Employer Set Project, from the autumn 2023 series.

Within the NCFE Portal, you’ll be able to access:

  • series outcomes from autumn 2023, as well as all previous series (where applicable) 
  • reports to show the current highest core component grade for all students.
Where do I find…? 
  • External assessment and moderation results: Once released, these will be available in the NCFE Portal in the ‘Results’ area. Simply search for your batch or student using the search fields available.
  • The overview of individual student results from the summer series: This is found on the series results slip. 
  • The results slips: These can be generated for printing, if required, from the NCFE Portal. For support with this please see our T Level Portal User Guide. You can select individual student’s results slips, or download all student results slips from the batch reports dropdown.
  • An overview of my cohorts’ results: This can be found within the results screen on the NCFE Portal. Current core component grades for your students, using updated autumn 23 results, can be found on the TQ Core C report, available under the batch reports dropdown.
  • The overall T Level outcome for my students: For students who have met all the required elements for their T Level, overall T Level grades are issued by the DfE through the Manage T Level Results Service. 
  • The final Moderation report: This can be accessed via the NCFE Portal and will include feedback from the Moderator on areas performed well and areas for development. 
Post-results services 

If your student has a query about their results following results release, where they believe their outcomes are lower than their reasonable expectations, we can support you with the following post-results services: 

  • access to scripts   
  • clerical check
  • review of marking (including the option of expedited review of marking). 

Please note: Requests for a review of marking can be submitted per assessment - for example, core paper A, or the Employer Set Project - and for individual students up to an entire cohort.

Post-result requests require student consent; therefore, no requests can be submitted before the results release day to students.

Timescales: Timescales for requests can be found in our Key Dates Schedule. We’ll resolve any requests for expedited reviews of marking within 10 working days from a request being submitted.

NEW – online access to scripts: We’re pleased to confirm an update to the "access to scripts" service for students who complete their assessments via the Surpass online assessment system. This will be live for autumn assessment series post-results requests. This means instead of a PDF, you’ll now be able to view the completed script and marks in Surpass.

Requests can be submitted in the usual way via this form on our website. Following acceptance of your request and in line with our service level agreements, our post-results team will provide you with a keycode and pin number that you’ll enter on the Surpass system to view students’ completed scripts online. We’ve created a handy user guide to support you with this, and we’ve also updated our access to scripts webpage.

Appeals: Please note that each step of the post-result process must be followed before the submission of an appeal. View more information on appeals.

More information: You can find more information on post-results services on our post results webpage.

Will my students’ results be sent to UCAS? 

Results are provided to UCAS via the Department for Education’s Manage T Level Results Service.

Further support  

If you have any specific questions, we’d be more than happy to help. Please just email [email protected] and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sharing achievements 

We love hearing stories of your students’ achievements. Please do let us know if any of your students have excelled on their courses this year and you would like us to shine a spotlight on their achievements – simply email [email protected]

If you need support on how to view your students' T Level core assessment results, watch our handy video: