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As your learners receive their results and look ahead to their next steps, we want to ensure that you have all the information you need to check the results you’ve received, claim certificates, and access post-results services if you need to.

Key dates
  • Results for Level 3 qualifications (excluding T Levels) were released to centres on Monday 14 August, in preparation for learners receiving these by Thursday 17 August. Learners can receive these results at any time, and they are not embargoed.
  • Results for T Level technical qualifications will be released to providers on Wednesday 16 August, in preparation for students receiving these by Thursday 17 August. Please note that these results were released to providers on Thursday 17 August.
  • Results for Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications were released to centres no later than Wednesday 23 August in preparation for learners receiving these by Thursday 24 August. Learners can receive these results at any time, and they are not embargoed. 
Outstanding information for VTQ results

If you have any learners registered on Level 3 qualifications where they required a result by 9am on Monday 14 August, or Level 2 and below learners who required results by 9am on Thursday 24 August, and you haven’t yet submitted all the information required for them to receive this, you must ensure that the following actions are completed as soon as possible:

  • withdrawn, where they have left the programme 
  • transferred to another qualification where they have transferred or are completing a nested qualification  
  • claimed if they are partial or full achievements.

You can find details of these learners by logging into the NCFE Portal. Follow the steps in this document to withdraw, transfer or claim certificates for your learners.

 We’ll aim to get results to you as soon as possible, but please note there may be delays to processing due to us not receiving the information on time.

If you have Level 3 learners with live UCAS applications and if we have not received all the information required to issue their results, this means that results are not available to send to UCAS. This puts their application at risk. If learners need to receive their results to support with their UCAS applications, then please complete the above actions as soon as possible.

Notifying learners where they won’t be receiving a result on time

As a reminder, you must inform learners who are expecting results if their results will be late and the reason for this. To support you in notifying learners if their results will not be available to them on results day, we have created a template letter. 

Actions and decisions NCFE will be taking

For learners expecting a Level 3 qualification result by Thursday 17 August, if we haven’t already received the required information from you, we postponed learners’ planned end dates. This will not prevent you from claiming, receiving results or certificates. We’ve also postponed planned end dates for Level 2 and below learners, where we didn’t receive the required information to process a result by Wednesday 23 August.

In situations where there are delays with processing results from centres or significant numbers of learners impacted, we may be following up with an investigation and may take action against centres in accordance with our maladministration and malpractice policy.  

Thank you for your continued support in getting results to learners, to enable them to progress to their chosen careers or the next step in their education journey. 

T Level results 

For information on results for T Level Technical Qualifications, visit our T Level results page. 

Post-results services  

If learners have queries about their grades, please view our post-results services for enquiries about results, access to scripts, a review of marking and more. 

Further support  

We’re here to support you and your learners to success this year and we’ll keep you up to date every step of the way. If you have any queries, you can contact our Customer Support team at [email protected] or through Live Chat on this webpage.